Youtube marketing cheat sheet

In order to be seen and maximise the approach of video, Youtube is the most ideal platform there is. Here is a breakdown on what to do for your Youtube videos to get the most amount of impact and conversions.




Depending on the budget as well as what you need to say, make sure to structure your videos to be uploaded at the same time either weekly or daily. This habit allows your loyal customers to keep coming back for more as well as let you determine which time or day is the best in getting traction on your videos.





The general guideline is that a Youtube video should not be more than 3 minutes long but it is best to think about it to be below 4 minutes instead. Youtube is meant for 2 purpose, entertainment and education on the go and the more aligned you are with catering it for mobile usage, the more you will find your traction on your website growing. However, Youtube is not like its fast counterpart Facebook where people need to consume media in the shortest form needed. Most viewers that go to Youtube expects a certain amount of substance in the video so make sure to provide that.





Given that we mention Youtube is on demand and on the go, you need to hook your audience in through an unconventional method. This could mean using things like clickbaits,¬†optimising to have a comment or reaction to something you do in the middle of the video in the front to entice viewers to find relevance to that comment as well as optimising the title and thumbnails to be relevant to micro trends; issues that happen on a weekly basis that draws a lot more attention. This kind of structure cascades views from a couple of sources; people looking to learn more about a certain microtrends, people prone to clickbaits (everyone is, those who say they isn’t are big fat liars), curiosity as well as give your audience a refreshing take on your brand.



End Tag


It is crucial to garner views and remind people to “click to like, hit the subscribe button and even drop a comment”. This interactivity allows you to engage with your audience and help you be viewed as personable on the internet rather than someone hiding behind a massive brand. End tags also reminds people to show their support for your brand and to stay tuned for new and upcoming message you might deliver.





Description should not be an afterthought, but should be in-lined with your SEO and branding approach. If you are looking to target the market as “Rebel Soda”, then it should be reflected across all platforms. Remember, 7 impressions to get your audience to take in what you are saying. Most importantly, utilise the first 157 characters to draw people in to click to show more of the description. This is where you bait your audience, similar to your thumbnail and the first 5-15 seconds of your video. ¬†Your end part of your description would then be optimised for SEO purposes with the middle used to describe or detail things you mentioned in the video. No matter what you do, do not transcribe your video in your description. This will reduce your watch time and gives you an inaccurate measure of your market.



Playlist it


Classification is an important step in the upload process as playlist draws in crowd from various videos in the list into a funnel for continued watching and engagement. A viewer from Youtube could stumble upon your video and if it is not in the playlist be led to other videos outside your channel. However with it being in a playlist, a viewer will be enticed to scroll through your playlist first to see what he/she wants before venturing to other recommended videos or hitting the search button.



Share elsewhere


A good video irregardless on which platform only works if it taps on mass distribution. Thus, uploading a video only on Youtube and expect it to do well is immature thinking. Creating different shorthand links for various platforms if you want to track which source gives you the most leads. Share it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even on Whatsapp. This broad approach also lets you know when they are coming in so you can schedule either your distribution or if you need to schedule your video to an earlier or later time entirely.



Transcribe it


Sometimes, we might not be in the most convenient place to watch youtube with the sound on and that is where transcribing is important. Transcribe using Youtube Subtitle allows you to not only give the audience the option to turn it on or off, but also attract an entirely different set of audience from a different language group. This allows you to see if there is a market gap that you are neglecting as well as what different groups want at the end of the day.




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