Why your video has been a failure

Many people think that video is not a worthwhile marketing material because they do not see direct results from using it. Unfortunately, that is further from the truth. Here are 5 reasons why your video is not doing well.



Similar to print ad, you are only as effective as the medium that distributes it for you. Maybe your Facebook page or youtube account with only a couple of 100 fans might not be doing your brand justice. In those instances, you will then need to rely on publishing on other mediums such as influencer’s blogs, respectable You-tubers and sharing it organically on Facebook. Imagine your video is the best lemonade stand in all of the world (aka you created the best product everybody wants). The only problem is that your lemonade stand is in the middle of the Sahara desert (poor distribution funnels). If someone chance upon it they will share it certainly, but immediate 1st tier distribution is dependent on the first person who shares it, not a very wise marketing decision.



Too many times we have all seen the same old marketing material day in and day out. It always starts off with saying about features of the product, showing some superstar who endorses the product and ending up with a vague call to action. In order to succeed in this day and age, you have to do it slightly differently. Tell people about the benefits of your product in a refreshing way (start in the middle, start at the end, do it in a screaming voice etc). Next, focus on creating CONTENT, not screen time. This means stop using superstars because they do not add more views to your video. Use people you trust that represent your brand is a much better approach than someone whose image is distant from yours. And lastly, have a clear call to action, be it to click a link to your e-commerce site to get it now or to get it while it is on promotion at your nearby pharmacy. Speak clearly to them about the agenda.



Imagine that all the marketing people in the world found out that if you show a woman in a red trenchcoat, your video will skyrocket. What if everyone marketing person decided to do that now? Yep, you guessed it, the marketing impact decreases. It is fine to tap onto pop culture once in a while, but if you put all your videos and your competitor’s side by side and they look the same to each other, perhaps you need to change something up. For instance, why does all shampoo ad needs to feature a woman washing her hair and pushing her hair back? Is there no other way to show silk smooth hair besides this angle?




In the time before the internet, it was all about how well distributed it was. As long as your video was on tv, everyone saw it. Not so much nowadays, where viewers choose what they want to watch. In order to maximise that, you need to key in the right metadata to allow your brand to be found by your viewers.




Just because an ad works in a western, English speaking country does not mean that it will work for all western english speaking country. You need to localise the message for the target audience you are intending to speak to or else you risk alienating your audience. Put it simply, if you are in India and you can solve the major diseases in that country but you don’t speak their language, chances are you have little credibility to bank on to help them understand you.

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