Why is constant communication so important now in this digital age?

Constant communication has become a norm once social media became a possibility for companies to talk to clients. The landscape for marketing, branding and communication has changed vastly due to this in 3 main areas. Here is why communication must happen more and more often than usual.


It used to be that if you want to communicate with your consumers, you have to make a TVC, create a roadshow and other expensive collaterals to go along with it. Now however, it has become simpler and cheaper to do so. Need to communicate with your consumers online? Set up an official instagram or facebook group and update constantly. 5 dollars a day to advertise to everyone so more people will like your page and stay for the update. Over a year, that is 1825 dollars a year, a far cry from spending a million on a TVC or a 50-100k roadshow and event. This method is not only cheap to collate people who wants to hear from you, but who you can also benefit from customers feedback. Remember in the “good old days” where you need to pay an agency to collate market data for you from peer group. Now, it is part of your cost of acquiring customers at 5 dollars a day. How good is that?


It used to take 2-3 months to set something up to communicate with your consumers. Going down the path of a TVC? 6-9 months from concept to actual delivery on TV. Need a print ad? Perhaps at least a month. And don’t get me started on roadshow. An assortment of vendors to communicate with is such a logistical nightmare. Now with social media, you can set it up in minutes, deliver message periodically and even determine the best time on the fly, with little exposure on your end. This means you can focus more on communicate the right message then figure out when, who, what, which and just focus on the how. This means better messaging that resonates with your audience.


Remember when all you did for that year was to coordinate 3-4 times to communicate with your consumers and that was all the airtime you can get? Well, now you can do 100 times that and communicate daily (if you want to). Doing so not only provide a loudhailer for you 24/7, but also a platform for you to collate responses, justify which efforts pays off and when to target more aggressively. It takes the guesswork out of marketing and put concrete numbers that simply cannot lie.


I placed a 4th point in for people who have read thus far. Being genuine might not be in every company’s approach but I seriously think that being genuine is the greatest asset a company can provide. People buy from people you trust and that stands true even when bad times are around the corner. Yes, obviously volume sales and profit will dip during bad times, but admitting to your mistakes makes your company human. This means that it destroys the crazy notion that no screw up can ever be made and makes you a fun and easy to talk to company that is open to consumer suggestions.

With these reasons on why constant communication is important, I hope that you will be able find social media a less threatening space and more of a multi-facet marketing tool for you to advance your business.

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