White Rabbit turns red

On the 18th of August, Wildfire Entertainment transformed the famous White Rabbit chapel restaurant into a halloween opening act for one of their corporate dinner parties. This opening act includes a zombie schoolgirl, a vampire, a mummy, a witch and a she-wolf. All in all it was a startling start to the evening and definitely one of the shows to get since Halloween is a couple of months away.


Here is the highlights for the event


What we achieved

In order to showcase the acts for their prospective clients, Wildfire Entertainment requires a portfolio that showcase the performance from an audience position for clients to see what the performance will be like as well as a highlights video of the performance to make clients in the exploration stage shift towards the decision stage a lot quicker. Here is a static from another performance we shot sometime back.


The objective for this video is to showcase great dance backed up by awesome costume.


Since each character is unique, it was also key to ensure it is a montage with close up of each dancer rather than just a few selected dancers or a wide shot of all of them.





The make-up was also painstakingly done and is usually not showcased enough at the events so we took the liberty to maximise its scary nature in the video.


What we can improve

Filming an event like this requires us to set up quickly and disappear without a trace. This usually becomes a problem when spaces are too narrow resulting in unsatisfactory static shot. In the future, we will be exploring bring a gopro with us for the static to see if we can mount it somewhere to still achieve the centre shot as much as possible.

The other possible problem could be the drastic lighting colour change and strobing. This could be better mitigated if we were able to do a full dress rehearsal with lighting and audio to get the best footage.




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