What should be my video length

With attention span getting shorter and shorter, the need to keep videos brief is also critical in the marketing industry. Here are some tips on how your video length should be.

Message Length

Too many times, we drown our viewers in our messages that we want to communicate. We are paying so much money to make 1 video, might as well dump everything inside right? From location, promotion, timing, corporate message, how to use, benefits and a whole lot more, we keep dumping it in. But guess what? Most audience can only retain 1 message, let alone the 12 features you mentioned or the list of worldwide location. It will simply become overwhelming and portray another tone in your video; cluttered and disorganized. In order to ensure maximum viewer engagement, strip your message down to a single one. It can be hard but it is achievable. Ask yourself, is there a need to tell them about our new location, our 12 other benefits that everyone in the industry is also providing, how to use this product or even the promotion this new product has? Once you have your single message, you can move on to point number 2 to improve your video length.


Video is like food, you need to tweak it such that it is acceptable at the place it is found. For platforms such as TV and Radio, the content is relatively short at below a minute due to the high cost it takes to distribute it. One key point that I have noted is to emphasise your company name 3-4 times in the ad and to have the last 3 seconds reserved for your company logo. This shows the maximum amount of viewers being able to recall your product. As for social media, the rule is around 2:30 to 3 minutes due to the online habits gathered so far. For videos such as corporate reporting or a corporate show and tell, try to keep it below 5 minutes; people tend to drift and treat it like background music if it goes on any longer.


In order to convey some drastic actions and mood, you need a certain amount of time. Let us say you want to show that your product can prevent acne. Showing 3 different people having acne problems portray a message of how serious it really is and how hopeless the characters must feel. Holding 2-3 seconds before revealing your product while one character is thinking will dramatically improve your audience retention rate and provide the drastic effect it needs. Just like music, even a rest is a planned move in order to make your audience remember it better. The guideline for TVC is this; 7 seconds to tell a story/problem, 3 seconds to build up the anticipation and 10 seconds to say your message before wrapping it up in 5 seconds and leaving your logo on for 2-3 seconds.

With a deeper understanding of how video length is important, we hope that you will be even more successful in your video marketing pursuits and get an even higher ROI than you expected.

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