What kind of videos should I make?

Now you are convinced that video is something you should pursue for your brand, what kind of videos have the maximum impact to draw your audience in and start developing the long term relationship they have for your brand? Here is a breakdown on what you need to do before pursuing other video aspirations.


Product/Services Video

Tell them what you offer, no bs


First and foremost, you need to highlight your immediate benefit to your clients; you are only in business because people want your services or products. So put it front and centre for them. But here is the tricky thing; give them what they want to hear, not what you want them to hear. In this social media age, people are running away from mainstream media because they don’t want to be bombarded by what other people tell them to do. They want to have a voice, an opinion and look up to companies who provide value before the sale. If you are running a service, tell them how easy it is to order from you or how fuss free your services will be in freeing up their time. If you are selling a product, tell them the truth, not some nonsense about how this bleach can clean any surface spotlessly, tell them the truth and somehow you will find your niche.


Current Trends

What is the hottest topic now? Fidget spinner, rainbow food or salted egg variant?


With your product in the wind, it is time to focus on what are some of the trends you can leverage on to maximise your reach during those highly talked about topics of the year. If it is Christmas, your product jolly well must have a sprinkle of Santa Claus on it, or all you will be getting is a big red nose from freezing out in the cold. Current trend could be anything from holidays to what everyone is talking about on social media. Rule of thumb: if you see a news pop up at least 2 times in a week, that is something to leverage upon now!


Multiple ways to use your product/services

Be like egg. Even better, be like water


People are looking for fun and interesting ways to use what they bought and you could be the inspiration factor to this. I know some of you might be worried that this can be damaging to your brand name but try other alternative instead of dismissing this suggestion. Let us say you are a florist. Besides all the usual occasion to buy flowers, buying for someone flowers despite no special occasion just reflects how special the person is to you. Talk about that, on how everyday is a good day to buy flowers; from cheering up your loved one after falling sick, coming back from a less than ideal weekend or as a follow up on a wonderful date spent the previous night, it is always a good time for flowers.


Creative Collaborations

Partner up with your enemies as well as others outside your industry


As seen in pop music, creative collaborations is the key to maximise fans from both sides of the group. Instead of the usual belief that you need to be an enemy to all, be a friend to all. Collaborate with competitors of different scale to share each other expertise (big florist- big footprint. Small florist- creative input). Try also in cross collaborating with people outside your known circle. Who knows? You could end up being the wedding photographer for an entire company’s kids.


Daily Wisdom

Be the wise sage sitting on your mountain of knowledge


In order to win the visibility game, you have to be visible and that means always in pursuit of your social media interactions. Share other people who writes on various topics, as well as write your own expertise day after day. Think about it this way, if you go out everyday and drop a line in the sea at the same spot, not all the fishes that were there yesterday will be there today. Imagine the outreach you will have if suddenly 1 of your article is being picked up by an influential person who believes in everything you mentioned, shares it voraciously and you gain a lot of enquires because of that. Isn’t that 1 hour allocated to do your article time well spent?

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