Why Viral is the New Currency

As seen by yesterday election, being viral swings the vote of common sense. Here are 5 reasons why being viral is even more important than anything else now.


Sales soar

There is no doubt about it. The moment you become viral, the translation from being audience to customers goes through the roof. Your loyal fans become even more ingrained to your brand, non-fans wants to find out what the hype is and all of this leads to crazy sales volumes. Being viral is not just about being viewed by many people now, it is about making yourself the thought of mind awareness for everyone.


The commoner sees you, the execs wonder

That is exactly what being viral means. It attracts people unknowingly and make the knowledgeable wonder why it happen. Being famous is more important than being correct in this climate of subjectivity, where the brand that pushes its subjectivity better than its competitor comes out the winner for the day, week, month, year even decades.


Media is manipulated by you

In a desperate attempt to stay relevant and create content, media outlets starts to blast your news, making your reach even bigger than before. This action of doing so allows you to produce an endless amount of folds on your initial distribution plan. Your crummy $1000 distribution method just started getting multi-million dollar to distribute your message for free (all in an attempt to stay relevant).


Competitor are intimidated

This is by far what is most important on the finances at the end of the year. When competitors are threatened and unable to produce a proven response, your chance to capture even more market share is for your taking. Most companies have yet to come up with an equally viral return to knock their opponents back into their spot, leading to a long and drawn-out cooling off period, all of which is beneficial to your brand.


Government supports

The worst of all in this communication cycle is government endorsement. Governments are threatened when big conglomerates pull out of a country because it destroys the country credibility, image and potential cashflow. In order to prevent this from happening, government will ensure that laws and structure is created around such cash-cows such that it entices more potential companies to set up shop in Country A instead of Country B. This competitive environment breeds a platform for your senior management to twist the arms of politicians to serve the needs of the company.


The analysis might sound far-fetched and unlikely to happen, given that you are dealing with different types of people with a variety of education. However, it all boils down to a simple denominator, who can your company help? The more people it can help by being even more profitable and viral, the higher chance you have to maintain a higher position of power.

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