Video- The New Trojan Horse

Everyone is familiar with the idea of the myth of the Trojan Horse (yes, it is a myth, as proven by science).  You get people to hide in the horse, your enemy brings it in and you unravel in the silence of the night and open the gates for your comrades. Similarly, in this age of resistance marketing (where an audience is resistant to all the message you put out as a advertiser), it is far more sensible to appeal to the things your audience enjoy rather than to the things that antagonise them. Here are 5 evergreen topics you can easily mash with your brands to encourage your audience to view your content more often, and thus less resistant to your marketing.


Current Trends

Remember the Oxley Saga? If you were in 1 of these 2 industry (namely property and will making), it would be an easy sell for you to convert by sharing your expertise and professional angle (please keep it civil and your opinions to yourself) to the mass audience. If you are not in the relevant field, utilise other public opinion about the case as a pivot for you to enter and share the limelight. Never, and I repeat never, voice your personal opinion on the issue and then try to pry your way into the conversation. Not only will you get less traffic because you are not a subject matter expert (i.e. Lawyer, property agent etc), you run the risk of being flamed online and that can become a outright witch-hunt where you burn at the stakes. If you don’t know where to start, google a couple of the latest tv series/movies and talk in reference to them. You might be amazed the results it garner.




Life Story

We all live and walk pass life stories on a daily basis. All you need to do is to open your eyes and notice it. If you notice a young kid helping an old lady, perhaps your content can pivot from piety and go from there. In this day and age, everyone is technically a reporter, reporting on what your interest are and construing it to your favour. What if it is a dull day and you don’t see anything worth reporting? Then it is time to dig in the chest of your own memories and pivot from there.



Every industry has a certain keyword that customers use to find out about you. The key then is 1 of 2 things, either utilise the most searched keywords or create a long tail keyword to maximise your marketing budget better. Spin off something filled with your keywords but in a grammatically appropriate fashion and you might see your SEO ranking soar because of it.


Share your expertise and always value add

Now that social media has become the new newspaper, it is time to stretch your reach by showing people your expertise. If accounting is your expertise, share how to categorize your individual transaction and even better, how to get even more tax relief from it (if no one wants to know, I do!). The idea is to make you an internet expert in something and thus, making you highly sought after online. Take Gordon Ramsey for instance. Is he the undisputed best chef in the world? Not really, but by sharing his skills and expertise, he becomes the most searched chef in the world. According to Exhibit A.


Talk about the future

People are generally shortsighted and are intrigued by the possibilities that could happen in the future in each industry. Imagine if you are a chef and you share about how the latest techniques in cooking can result in maximum flavour with minimum calories and maximum satiety, who would not be intrigued? An entire slice of double chocolate cake that can fill me up for the entire day with maximum flavour and no calories, yes please!


Talk about other people’s success

Nowadays, our entire newsfeed is always about something negative, a bombing here, a killing there, a crazy law being passed somewhere. In this crazy world, we need to know that there is still a possibility to succeed and nothing grasp this subject better than talking about other people’s success. This does 3 things; it makes fans of the person you are talking about like you, it shows you are affluent and knows what is going on and lastly, it establishes yourself as credible as them. The last point is something a lot of scammers has been doing ever so often. Really? Do you really think Sir Richard Branson authorised his photo to be used so blatantly?


With so many evergreen topics you can touch on, what is holding you back to express your thoughts on your brand itself?

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