Video is the new salesman

In the past, we had people selling stuff for us. From 2nd hand cars to video games and clothes, we had someone selling to us. As more and more of the buying and selling happens online, it becomes more and more difficult to portray the right image with people making more and more assumption with hair trigger reactions. However, with this bad news comes a silver lining. There is a steady incremental demand and views for videos as content becomes an ingrained part of the sales process. To maximise this uptrend, here are 5 things you can do in your next video.


Front it

At the start, no one knows who are you and what you are like. In order to benefit fully from the effort, front your own video. People trust you better when they can see you, physically and visually in front of them. From the primitive ages, we have been able to judge and decide quickly if someone is friend or foe. With video, we can keep refining it until you get it right, even if you are new or shy in front of the camera.



In order to know what your target audience wants and thinks, you need constant flow of information to base your judgement on. In this age, data is king. Knowing what trends your customers are leaning towards or what are their new concerns allows you to leverage on micro-trends to boost sales. Besides, communicate consistently and frequently will allow your customers to see you as an expert in that specific area and constant communication before bad times roll around.


Distribute evenly

Whenever you create a new content, you need to put time into distribution. 1 piece of video can be shared on Facebook, Snapchat, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and on your blog. People consume your media differently and your audience comes from all over, so don’t restrict their access or knowledge of your wonderful content just because you wish to only distribute it on 1 platform.


Answer feedbacks

Too many times we dumb our clients down into zombies that gives us money but that is clearly not the case. Seeing feedbacks on your news feed and your content allows you to know where your client’s head is at as well as show yourself as the bigger person. Sometimes, people test your patience to uncover your genuine nature. If your heart is in the right place, people will see it for themselves.


Exchange favours

No man is an island and having people perceive that you are an influential person can speak volumes about your brand and services. In this social media era, it is about sharing. Sharing each other content, marketing for each other and sharing each other’s expertise. When you help people in the video aspect, you help grow your friend’s reach. When they have good reach, you have even more credibility to their next circle of people they can influence. This trust creates an atmosphere that is easy for people to choose you as the ideal partner. Who knows, this could even open more doors to other business opportunity.


1 last thing…

With video spearheading your brand, you also require 1 last theme throughout all your video and that is connecting emotionally in your video. If people are emotionally connected to your brand through the videos you make, you create an influence and likability for many years to come.

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