The different types of YouTube ads

Previously, we touched on the approach for Facebook marketing and now we will talk about how you should go about buying your youtube ads for maximum traction and responsiveness. First we will touch on each of the types of ads you can purchase before explaining how best to optimise it.


Display Ads


Display ads are ads that are shown on the top right enticing audience to click your video as the next one to play. In order to optimise it for the audience, make sure you have a customised and eye catching design, followed by a short duration and a roll off the tongue title.


Overlay ads


Overlay ads are similar to web banners, they are placed in highly visual area to tap on the attention of that space. For ads like this, make sure your copy is short and interesting enough to captivate, not long and descriptive.


Skippable video ads


Most people assume that if you were to make a youtube video, it doesn’t matter on the formats because you can simply choose anyone for either of the formats. This is however far from the truth. For skippable ads, you have your audience attention for 5 seconds. Make it absolutely clear that you grab the maximum attention during that time; be it with a voiceover and a still shot of your logo or with an interesting comment or statement taken from the middle of your youtube video story and inserted in front to entice people to stay. The former will simply be blatant advertising; see an opportunity with no escape and maximise it. If it is the latter, you need to know what topics and comments you need to say in order to entice them to stay on instead of clicking away. Mastering this means you have hooked your audience in and they willingly decided to continue watching your ad.


Non skippable ads


Just because it is non skippable does not mean that you will definitely get your audience attention. A savvy audience can simply refresh the page, close the tab or switch a tab. A non skippable ad must be short, precise with brand recognition. Unlike your tvc ad of 30 seconds, you now have only 3 seconds to educate, entice, mention your brand and have a call to action. If you need to pick 2, pick enticing and a call to action. Education and brand recognition can be done in person or in your store when they are enticed enough to take action.


Bumper Ads


Bumper ads are like the small version of the non skippable ads together with the benefits of a skippable 5 seconds ad. Your ad needs to be short, precise and deliver an emotional story in 6 seconds. If given a choice, go for the skippable ads but format it such that the education portion is behind after 6 seconds and the first 6 seconds is optimised like a bumper ad. Leave the bumper ads to big brands that do this simply for brand recognition and awareness.


Sponsored cards


Short snippets of the video will appear nearing the end of the video to entice you to click away and see something else related but on another channel. This is a good way to market if your product or service is widely used or known in the general public. This allows you hitch on the social conversation people are talking about and maximise the conversion efforts into sales. Best used during marketing campaign at the maximum height of the awareness to maximise the effort and dollars that goes into it.


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