What type of videos is good for marketing?

In order to do well on social media these days, one must utilise the use of videos due to its high engagement rate and its ability to emulate life unlike most other marketing materials. Here are some types of videos you should consider when creating one for your marketing efforts.


2D Animation


A 2D animation story is a simple way to execute your story because of its versatility and its low equipment cost. A 2D animation can also be adapted in a variety of ways, from short videos to tell what is on sale now, daily motivational gifs to help people get through the day or even tips and tricks for your customers if you are in the service industry. The highest cost in this type of video is time and skill. Once you have your script done, sit down with a couple of 2D Animator and see what they sketch. You will soon find yourself gravitating towards one or two and this is a good starting point. After that, the idea is to find out how long and how much they cost in order for you to decide if they are the ones you want to work with.


Real life shooting


Deciding to go down this path is a perilous one because 1 purchase can very quickly lead to the next and the next. For starter, get a DSLR or mirrorless camera that can shoot video. This is a good entry point due to its compact size and lower price point compared to other video camera. Next, invest in an all purpose lens like a 24-70 f2.8. This allows you to creatively capture a wide variety of shots with good and poor lighting. Lastly, get a monopod and a gimbal. These 2 combination will open many doors for you to shooting. The monopod should then be able to lock down so you can double it up as a tripod whereas your gimbal double up as a slider.


Stop motion


If you grow up loving Wallace and Gromit, look no further. Stop motion can be implemented in a variety of fashion, from a full scale claymation like Chicken Run to simpler things like a 2D drawn character in your story. For stop motion, keep it simple with a prime lens like a 50mm (don’t take a wide angle because your sides will warp and don’t get a telephoto unless space is a luxury for you to shoot). Equip it with a DSLR camera, a LED panel and a tripod and you are set!


Royalty Free


If you are not sure which methods to go with, how about getting royalty free or royalty paid video clips and edit it together? This way, it allows you to see what your market and audience want before plunging into doing something like acquiring equipments.

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