The New Marketing Law

Marketing has changed, even more rapidly when the media and platform is in the control of the people. Today, marketing is not so much about broadcasting your message and forcing people to accept it, but rather it is now about building a relationship and providing value way ahead before the sale. This has since been dubbed permission marketing, where you seek permission before offering what is suitable for them. Given this new way of marketing, here are 3 tips to stretch your marketing budget.


Be Relatable

Have you ever felt sometimes that you are a chicken talking to a duck, that your customers never seem to be able to get what you are trying to say? It could be that your rapport wasn’t build, your expertise not acknowledge or your solution is not suitable for your client. Either way, it is about the platinum rule.




Be Able

In this world of endless choices, it is not so much about people needing to listen to you, it is about listening to your client. Sure, you can be an expert physician, but if you are not an expert in understanding that your patients that visit your clinic wants it air-conditioned and the queue to be extremely quick and part of the panel of doctors under his/her company healthcare list, you can forget about doing your business with him/her for long. The name of the game now is convenience, and mastering it means being socially seen, an expert online, offline and is keeping up with technological advances. Only then will you have his/her business for many more years to come.



Be Present

Being present isn’t just about providing your services 24/7, but rather always be giving information related to your field. If you are in the area of marketing, then you should be posting something about marketing, sharing new market insights and trends as often as it comes up. Only with this habit in your everyday life will you become someone that people open their hearts and wallets to when the impulse or need to get your products comes up.


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