The most important question to ask when doing video

Here in the digital age, everyone is looking to create a video to showcase their brand, what they are up to and their new interest. However, we get so bogged down with explaining all the features and how to execute the video that we forgot the most critical question in the puzzle- how do I want my audience to feel after watching it?


Top of mind


Why is knowing your audience emotion so important? This is because without knowing how you want your audience to feel after watching it, you are lost in their mind. However, if you know how you want them to feel after watching it, you will always maintain top of mind awareness. Top of mind awareness means they will recommend their friends and families to see the video, tell people who needs your services and most importantly, try it for themselves as well. With such heavy implications, are you sure you don’t want to find out this critical answer first?




The other thing why finding out what you want your viewers to feel afterwards is because you get to frame your message right for the right medium. If you are creating a video to be aired in the theatres before their Avengers movie, it would be a great idea to ride on this current trend and make them feel even more pumped for their show. After the movie, you will still be on the top of their mind because it is a wonderful dessert they had before having a great steak-out dinner and life is too short not to have desserts first!



Talk about things they like


By knowing that you want them to feel a certain way, you explore themes and topics centred around your particular target audience. What makes a 6 year old laugh will differ greatly from what makes a 60 year old or even a 9 year old laugh. When you know the emotion you want them to feel, then it gives you the opportunity to explore themes close to their heart to make them feel a certain way.



Give value first

Oh and 1 last thing, if you ever ever make them feel, you have a supporter for life. Too many times in video, companies are concern about taking. “I create this video because I want to take more money by offering my superior services” In the social media age, value needs to be given first before you accept payment and video is a tremendous way to do so. Not only is it perceived as a high valued item (ie. an expensive jewellery as a gift for a friend compared to food or clothes or even worse, hand me down presents), it is also the easiest way to hook an audience in and let them forget about all their troubles and worries for that moment. You see, when you watch a video, you engage their entire mind. It is not possible for them to think about something else or do something else while watching it, hence you have their attention for the entire duration.

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