The 4c of video

We all wants to know a easy way to gauge success, like how a man must have the 5Cs in Singapore (Car, Cash, Condo, Credit Card, Club, maybe even another C called Caring). So here is the breakdown on what all your videos must have in order to draw a respectable following and do your brand justice.



See things from a different angle and you will amaze yourself


With over 600 hours uploaded each minute, your video must be able to stand out from the rest. That is done by being clever and creative with the way the video is being portrayed. If you are doing a product video, please do not have another ambassador talking your product up with them using the product and ending it with your logo, unless you can do a spin on it like Old Spice or Poo Purri. Do something different or you will simply get lost in the pile with the rest. Think of a new way to showcase the features of your product. Sell a blender? How about instead of blending the usual fruits and vegetables, you blend electronics?



Be true to yourself and you will draw a loyal following of die hard fans


Have you ever saw your friend’s wedding pictures after they got posted to Facebook? Did you realise that you scroll past all the group table to table shots, the usual champagne pouring and laugh your head off at the candid or silent moments captured by the photographer? That is what you will also need to do with your brand. Being candid is not just about being funny, it is about being authentic and having an observer capture it for you. That is also another reason why you should hire someone rather than do it in-house due to the bias you might have. If you are coming up with a new product line, give sneak peek “unintentionally” to your viewers. That can be done by shooting on a handphone camera and looks like it is a leak from within. This kind of candid moments are things that will provide more value than what your official brand portrays which is stiff necked and rigid.



If only a handphone maker still live by their motto…


A video main benefit is the ability to connect with someone emotionally. The moment a video educates or documents, the video is utterly useless. If your video is nothing more than a loudhailer for you to force messages down your consumer’s throat, save that money and do it with print instead. You will get a better conversion rate in sales and stay a cold and distant brand, just like Elsa.



Same duck, different day


The last and most important C is being consistent. Social media is not about launching the flashiest video with the most amount of special effects. It is about consistently putting out content like a TV station or the news company. It is from this consistency that people will build lasting impressions with your company, form a well rounded opinion of your company and trust and believe you for many years to come. If your company aims to be a friend, what impression do you think you are giving if you only sell your wares whenever you meet up with your friends?

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