The 3 layers of a video

Just like any form of communications, videos needs to be properly piece together to ensure that the right message get delivered on all levels. Here are the 3 layers a video must have in order to communicate effectively to your audience.



What is said

This is the layer most of us are concerned about. We flood it with features and benefits of your products and showcase our product and services in the best light imaginable. However, this is similar to a person that walks up to you and keep talking about himself and when you are bothered by him, decides to walk away. Is this the best way you want your brand to be represented by? A company that is out of date and only interested in pushing your interest onto other people?



What they want

With a little bit of training and observation, you can usually find out what your customers want and this is where the sweet spot of marketing takes place. If you can figure out what benefits your customers want and transform your features into benefits for them, then it becomes easier for your customers to say yes. This is liken to a guy who walks up to you and ask you what is your favourite drink, offers to get you want and focus his time and asking you questions and responding appropriately. But is this the best you can do in terms of video?



What they are embarrassed to say

This is where nirvana is at. If you are able to figure out what your customers are feeling and not just thinking, you can persuade them more easily. Think of all the great revolutions and events that has ever happened. It has always been centred around a person who is able to tug on people’s heartstrings. Think Trump, you will see a middle class white Americans that is dissatisfied with how the country is and opt for a drastic change. Think feminism and you will see females that feels ostracised, ignored and underserved by the community. Think black benefits, and you will see unjust treatment between the white and the blacks. Remember firstly that the message is about them and then you need to address or cooperate with the feelings they are having in order to align them with your common goal. Liken this to a guy who walks up to a woman to save her from a boring or awkward situation. She did not say it, but she jolly well feel uncomfortable.

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