the 10 magic words for videos Part 2

This is hidden art for those who have mastered the first 5 steps. Applying the next 5 magic words without mastering the first 5 can lead to disastrous results due to the lack of rapport. By agreeing to read on, you indemnify the writers to spoiler that will be revealed if you have not read the previous manuscript. Similarly in part 1, we will continue the analogy with the soft drink situation.





Too many times we tell people about the feature of our products instead of the immediate benefit of enjoying our product instead. So what is the difference between a feature and a benefit? It is which perspective you adopt, customer or marketer. A soft drink that is sweet and flavourful is a feature, while quenching your thirst and rewarding yourself is a benefit. Remember to hone in on your benefit before creating the video. Better yet, don’t start creating any video until you have eliminated all but 1. This will result in maximum impact and a clear concise message for your audience.




Even if both are different, new gives one of them more attention


In our consumeristic world, new is the reason people keep buying again and again. It is because of this habit to always looking to upgrade that most companies have scaled back on the quality of their products in order to get consumers into a buying cycle once something wears out. The word new gives the feeling of losing  out or Kiasu in the Singapore context. Use new with your new product launch and remember to follow up with a feature-  “Grab the new refreshing Sprite, loaded with lemon”






The longer the sales cycle, the more evidence or proof you need to shift them from fear to greed. Results is one of the quantifiable thing customers look for throughout their buying experience, be it as a retail customer or a corporate one. Take the example from above for instance. Customers know how Sprite and lemon taste like separately, thus their mind then get to work on the potentially wonderful result of both together. For corporate clients, this could mean testimonial or proof of concept or in the case for us, an example of the video angle that a previous competitor or situation has done previously. The idea is to provide a visual safety net in cases where the intangibles are concerned.




This is how you must make them feel at the end, not at the start


This 5 letter word may seem pointless but it create a sense of anxiety, a need to get/buy/obtain/have it now or regret will set in. Hurry must be used after the benefit has be clearly laid out and is meant to close the sale in a hurry. However, ensure that the customer trust you fully before using it, or else it will lead to the customer doing a 180 on you. ‘While stocks last”, “12 cans left”, or “Hurry before it is all gone” can be used.




It is now or never, but remember to use it only at the end


The word that you might have thought we missed out was this but fret not, it is at the bottom of the list for the absolute reason of discretion. You need to master the above 9 steps before this because utilising now without the first 9 will simply result in an ineffective communication process. Imagine you are going to borrrow money from your friend and instead of building rapport, becoming friendly and a couple of back and forth before leading with your request, you will simply get shot down by leading with the agenda immediately. Similarly, now must be use tastefully or it loses it power. Remember, even the word now can be implied, in the above few examples I mentioned.

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