the 10 magic words for videos Part 1

Think of video as a communication tool that is well rehearsed and well dressed, like the dashing gentleman you shy away from because you know he will get you to do anything he wants and ravage you. So without diving into the deep end, here are the 10 magic words Mr Charisma will use and how you can use it too in your videos. Throughout this example we will be selling a soft drink to our client for the ease of the exercise.



Look out for the tell tale signs of the eyes


Nothing gets our brain moving quickly and on track than the word imagine. It can be difficult to guess where your client’s perspective is and imagine is a wonderful way to break the ice. ┬áThe sure sign you know that you got the hook right is if you see your bosses’ eyes dart to their right ear. “Imagine you just ran the hardest marathon of your life and you finally broke your personal best record, wouldn’t you want to reward yourself with a drink that satisfy and cools you down?”


(Client’s name)

Their parents gave them that name, use it with intention and respect


In this day and age, we hear our name very little. The people we are familiar calls us by our status (dad, mom, sis, bro, boss, you, etc). Calling us by our name makes us feel important, like we are in a position of power because dignity is paid in addressing us by name. It is not anyone else you are referring to, but directly to ME. “Jason, what do you think about this plan moving forward?” or “Stephanie, thank you for making the time to meet me on such short notice.” Use the customer’s name if you know often, if not, find a representative and carefully explain so your audience can associate themselves with it. “Meet Betty. Betty just finished a race and really wants to reward herself for a race well ran.”



If this got turned into a meme, You know it is important


The other word that makes us sit up straight in our seat is the word you. “You deserve something special.”, “You will not regret this”, “This is made just for you”. For the word you, remember to use it after you have identified and build rapport with your customers, particularly by either creating a character they associate with or by addressing them by name to make them important in the conversation. When the word you is used after that, it is a sign of intimacy. It shows you know the person you are talking to on a platonic level and is moving towards a close friend relationship.



If only getting rid of sugar was this easy…


“Every business exist to solve a problem” and that is why eliminate is such a wonderful word to use. By using the word eliminate, you create the visual cue that they are currently stuck with something undesirable and you are volunteering to rid them of the filth. This allows you to play ball not against them, but besides them. You bridge the gap and now you are helping them out. “Eliminate (quench) your thirst.”



Never forget the most generous woman on earth


The business word is driven by 2 feelings, fear and greed. All of the deals that fall apart is because of fear, be it something concrete or something imaginary. Similarly, greed is our need to get something, be it a good deal or a rotten one. Get tells your customers that it is theirs if they want to and gives them the power in the relationship.”Get it at all supermarkets and provision shops.” This word works best if used with another word we will cover in the next part of this tutorial.



The epitome of easy, or a sanitary pad ad


If you could get something or get something easy, which would you choose? Attaching the ease or the convenience behind the word get reduces even the biggest obstacles to small bumps on the road. Easy plays to the cousin of greed and that is laziness. If you can get everything easy in life, would you not want it? For this word, it is not so much about using the word easy but rather showing them how easy it is. Remember, greed is your friend and easy is just the cousin. Focus on greed and use the cousin to back you up. “Available islandwide”


With these 5 steps in place, now you are ready for the 2nd part to seal the deal.

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