Why Viral is the New Currency

As seen by yesterday election, being viral swings the vote of common sense. Here are 5 reasons why being viral is even more important than anything else now.


Sales soar

There is no doubt about it. The moment you become viral, the translation from being audience to customers goes through the roof. Your loyal fans become even more ingrained to your brand, non-fans wants to find out what the hype is and all of this leads to crazy sales volumes. Being viral is not just about being viewed by many people now, it is about making yourself the thought of mind awareness for everyone.


The commoner sees you, the execs wonder

That is exactly what being viral means. It attracts people unknowingly and make the knowledgeable wonder why it happen. Being famous is more important than being correct in this climate of subjectivity, where the brand that pushes its subjectivity better than its competitor comes out the winner for the day, week, month, year even decades.


Media is manipulated by you

In a desperate attempt to stay relevant and create content, media outlets starts to blast your news, making your reach even bigger than before. This action of doing so allows you to produce an endless amount of folds on your initial distribution plan. Your crummy $1000 distribution method just started getting multi-million dollar to distribute your message for free (all in an attempt to stay relevant).


Competitor are intimidated

This is by far what is most important on the finances at the end of the year. When competitors are threatened and unable to produce a proven response, your chance to capture even more market share is for your taking. Most companies have yet to come up with an equally viral return to knock their opponents back into their spot, leading to a long and drawn-out cooling off period, all of which is beneficial to your brand.


Government supports

The worst of all in this communication cycle is government endorsement. Governments are threatened when big conglomerates pull out of a country because it destroys the country credibility, image and potential cashflow. In order to prevent this from happening, government will ensure that laws and structure is created around such cash-cows such that it entices more potential companies to set up shop in Country A instead of Country B. This competitive environment breeds a platform for your senior management to twist the arms of politicians to serve the needs of the company.


The analysis might sound far-fetched and unlikely to happen, given that you are dealing with different types of people with a variety of education. However, it all boils down to a simple denominator, who can your company help? The more people it can help by being even more profitable and viral, the higher chance you have to maintain a higher position of power.

10 video marketing mistakes

Having been in this line for quite a while, you get to see the different kind of clients who wants to collaborate. Sometimes, friction can happen and the process becomes very difficult or the end product is unsatisfactory. This hopes to help you get the most valuable out of your partners and everyone ends up going home happy. Here are 10 things you can possibly get wrong about video marketing.


If everyone can do it, then it must be cheap

Happens in the era of graphic design as well as photography and now video, many of you have seen that DSLR is getting cheaper and assume that it will have an impact on cost. To be honest, it barely does. The major cost to make the best video still boils down to hiring people to act, shoot, direct, produce and of course edit your video. This is where the bulk of the money you spend will be going and though the price of equipment has come down substantially, getting trained people to create is still the most expensive thing. It is not just the manual labour, it is the techniques and skills people use to get the product they want in the shortest amount of time.


Everyone can do it

As with wedding videos, just because someone you know owns a DSLR and claims to be able to shoot a video means that the works produced will be the same. As much as I love to hope (and I do pray about this every night) that I can shoot like industry greats like Philip Bloom, it is closer to spending more time behind the scenes planning out the shots I want before I head on set if I want quality work like his. It comes from the years of experience being out working to know sometimes you really only 1 monopod for the job while other time it is ideal to bring everything onto set. Coming back to wedding, find the right videographer or wedding studio that match the style you want for the wedding and chances are you won’t go wrong with it.


It will be done very fast

How I wish every production project can be handled very quickly. This means I got more time to find more companies I can help rather than go through rounds and rounds of revision. It could be improved by making sure both of you are on the same page, right down to each shot detail if possible. This will prevent any last minute changes that usually affect the mood of the story and end up not getting the effect we want to bring into the world. P.S. we spent a long time to develop the creative process to think out a suitable and great idea in an instant, but if it is not followed through at the end, it will result in a poorly delivered message to your audience.


It will be viral

As much as all of us creative wants to pursue the dream of making big hits time and time again, it rarely happens when we work on your brand. No offense, but you are not usually going to create a viral video after you set up your You-tube page with only our video. Chances are it will take a while for you to develop traction and audience for your brand online. This is usually also the swaying motion for companies to approach established You-Tube channel to host their content. The problem? You are helping them develop their audience, not yours. Take the time to find someone that can work with you for a longer period of time to develop your brand and when you have a strong following, then you can become more at ease to disseminate whichever message you want.


It will be crude and disgusting

A lot of You-tubers get slammed for being unsophisticated and unsuitable for a lot of marketing companies because the messaging is too crude for the corporate image. The crowd that was drawn in were the Gen X (90s kids can relate). This means that most of the young adults who have consistently been making hits on Youtube will want to start out a production company based on what works for them individually; in your face crude and disgusting content. The good thing is that if you find someone who is willing to work hard with you, chances are you can develop a content that is suitable for online consumption and yet subtle enough for your brand image.


It is not targeting my audience

Some companies stop the discussion midway because of the assumption that when you are doing marketing online that you are only talking to the unsophisticated teens, tweens and kids. That is not the case all the time. It varies based on your target audience behaviour and if your message is crafted and distributed in the right location. Take for instance you are setting up a Michelin star restaurant, chances are you will not be setting it up in the neighbourhood areas right? But at the same time, it cannot be set up in a place that requires your guest to take a plane, a speedboat, scuba dive, climb a mountain and parachute in order for them to find you right? Understanding how your target audience online behaviour will make sure that your message is being served out at the right time at the right medium.


It is either online or offline marketing

Just like ATL and BTL, it is always a combination of both. Online marketing can reap better results for some brands, but without offline marketing to remind the audience, chances are you are converting a lower chance of sales. Same for some of the brands that have been seeing effects offline. Just being offline only does not help your brand, in fact it could be what is stopping your brand from growing. With the increased in internet consumption, perhaps setting aside 10-20% of your marketing budget yearly to slowly learn and become good at this new platform is ideal.


I don’t need it

This is by far the biggest hindsight in my opinion. Not because it is detrimental to my business, but rather it is the exact thing hindering yours. Heraclitus said “The only constant is change” and if you refuse to adapt, chances are you will soon be left behind. the insatiable hunger of the human pursuit will always drive the market to bigger and better things. If you refuse to get with the times, don’t be surprised if you get left behind.


I don’t see results

Just like planting a tree or raising a kid, it takes time to see results. Remember when you first started your company page on facebook (if you haven’t, please please please do it now). It is tiring with little to no results, even with you spending money to facebook to advertise your brands. However, the growth became more pronounced after a while, 10 likes became a 100, then a 1000 then 10,000 and perhaps you are closing in on the coveted 1 million fans. The internet is a great equaliser for brands and as long as you keep at it, you will definitely see results.


I am afraid of screwing it up

Hey, you and me both. Who wants to hire a guy after he make a “viral” video for his previous client only to have mass outrage online? Not me, that is who. However, this does not mean we swing to the other spectrum either and create safe videos that even grandma will turn off while she is knitting on the rocking chair. Your ideas need to be bold, prominent but also represent your brand image well. As long as this is communicated clearly to your partner, things generally will work itself out in the end.


With these top 10 mistakes to avoid in video marketing, I hope that you can use this list to find out who you should be working with on your corporate image. Great ideas come from a combination of 2 brains, not the forced submission of just 1.

Secret video that is getting millions of views

Everyone assumes the way to go viral is to create crazy content and seo it to the max. What if I told you that there is a secret video type that not many people are using because they find it pointless or too way of left field to get the right traction. Here is how you can take advantage of the secret video type and use it to maximise your channel.


What is this secret video type?

Many of you maybe skeptical in believing me on this but there is really a video type that is getting millions of views even by the newer entries. The video type that I am talking about is nursery rhymes! Just take a look at the link at you will be shocked at the views it gets. Now you can obviously close the browser now and think that it is of no relevance to you but here is where it all gets interesting.


How do you know if the channel is worth your time?

We mainly use 4 rough metrics to gauge for ourselves if a channel is worth your precious time; video views; subscriber count, how it is shared and what people are saying about it. The 2 main metrics we are influencing is subscriber count and what people are saying about it.

A video or channel goes viral because it contains the right words that we are searching for or if it is so daring big brother You-tube or Facebook bump it all the way up. The more people that watch and like your video, the higher your subscriber count goes up. When we have a secret video somewhere in our list of videos that have off the charts views from a nursery rhyme, chances are the success will spill over into subscriber count and nothing attracts people more than big numbers.


Secondly, people will comment more and more for the nursery rhyme you make and also onto your channel. The key then is to curate the comments that are vague enough to say that your channel is extremely helpful and happening while not going into the details. I call this hyping it up. This allows new visitors to see what a great channel it is and see other created content you have.


But what happens if they feel we lied to them?

The thing is that most channels think that you can only create content of a certain type to target a specific demographics all the time. However, we are also aware that we click recommended videos from other channels as well. Why would you like to encourage populating someone’s else channel when you can simply continue doing it on yours? With content made literally for the young and old, you ensure that you keep your audience count higher in house compared to populating your competitors.


Should I pull the nursery rhyme video after it has become a hit?

I would say no. The reason is very simple. That little secret will continue to churn view counts for you while you are building your channel and the drop-out rate is unnoticeable because there are more people subscribing to you then unsubscribing. Also, remember that babies do not go onto You-tube and search for nursery rhymes themselves, their parents do. And if I know anything about marketing, it is that most of the time you are targeting the same target audience as your nursery rhyme, win win isn’t it?


What do I do now then?

I suggest that you organise a crazy weekend with your family, cousins or even other parents. Come together and do 10-15 nursery rhymes and record it down. Put the appropriate tags for your songs and start boosting your channel success immediately!

How to Make My Video Viral

Everyone wants to be the talk of the town and with social media, this means making your videos viral. “Viral means more people will see what my company and my product is about, so my sales will go up”. The Marketing Gods have heard you and this is how you make your videos viral.


1.Find a different use for your product

People are numb to what everyone is doing on videos. In order for you to stand out you have to do it differently and one of the proven ways is to find another use for your product. Examples include Will It Blend, Silly Putty and even Hydraulic Press. All these brands understand the call of Social Media Videos which is “Show Me Something I have never seen before!” This can be a daunting task but I am certain with a little creativity you can find a fit for your brand.


2. Leverage on trends

There will always bound to be topics that people for that week will be talking about, be it the latest gossip, latest fashion, holiday festivities or even something weird they saw someone did online. Whatever it is, it is vital to push out a similar content and that time. The benefits is 3 folds; leverage on the meta-data of this trend, make your brand look on trend all the time and to build your subscriber base from a wide base of audience. Too many times, we market to a structured group of people but in the Internet Age, niche marketing is the key to success and if you can speak to different demographics, groups and society of people, chances are people who love your brand for who it is with band together irregardless of the race, religion, country of language and support your progress online.


3. Create often

Too many times we get brainwashed that in order to make a viral video, everything must be done right. That is not the case proven by the many vloggers on social media. The internet favours the person who is hardworking; churning out content irregardless of how the previous one does. This never say die spirit favours you in 2 ways; 1) your first time viewers will have other content to watch which increases the chance to subscribe to you and 2) you might stumble on something that makes it viral. The concept of what is going to be viral tomorrow cannot be foretold, but seemingly it favours the prepared.


4. Go all out

No one wants a video of someone being in character all the time. Take for instance if you are a chef and you intend to come up with a cooking show, throw in something different. It could be that you wear a cosplay outfit while you cook, cook extremely weird unedible things or even cook upside down. I think I am on to something..


5. Ask for feedbacks

No one knows what your viewers like more than your viewers themselves so ask them to comment, like, share and subscribe to your videos. The more feedback you get (in terms of written feedbacks from fans or even Analytics), you will be able to tweak to maximise the trend. Perhaps more people will watch your videos during the mid-week lull or perhaps yours is the perfect video to watch on Friday nights before they head out.. Only your fans and your Analytics can tell you.


With these 5 tips on how to make viral videos, perhaps it is time to try it out and see what happens. Other tips that also work are things like clickbait, sharing on various social media accounts and collaborating with other successful social video creators. Time to get out that camera and start shooting!