Secret video that is getting millions of views

Everyone assumes the way to go viral is to create crazy content and seo it to the max. What if I told you that there is a secret video type that not many people are using because they find it pointless or too way of left field to get the right traction. Here is how you can take advantage of the secret video type and use it to maximise your channel.


What is this secret video type?

Many of you maybe skeptical in believing me on this but there is really a video type that is getting millions of views even by the newer entries. The video type that I am talking about is nursery rhymes! Just take a look at the link at you will be shocked at the views it gets. Now you can obviously close the browser now and think that it is of no relevance to you but here is where it all gets interesting.


How do you know if the channel is worth your time?

We mainly use 4 rough metrics to gauge for ourselves if a channel is worth your precious time; video views; subscriber count, how it is shared and what people are saying about it. The 2 main metrics we are influencing is subscriber count and what people are saying about it.

A video or channel goes viral because it contains the right words that we are searching for or if it is so daring big brother You-tube or Facebook bump it all the way up. The more people that watch and like your video, the higher your subscriber count goes up. When we have a secret video somewhere in our list of videos that have off the charts views from a nursery rhyme, chances are the success will spill over into subscriber count and nothing attracts people more than big numbers.


Secondly, people will comment more and more for the nursery rhyme you make and also onto your channel. The key then is to curate the comments that are vague enough to say that your channel is extremely helpful and happening while not going into the details. I call this hyping it up. This allows new visitors to see what a great channel it is and see other created content you have.


But what happens if they feel we lied to them?

The thing is that most channels think that you can only create content of a certain type to target a specific demographics all the time. However, we are also aware that we click recommended videos from other channels as well. Why would you like to encourage populating someone’s else channel when you can simply continue doing it on yours? With content made literally for the young and old, you ensure that you keep your audience count higher in house compared to populating your competitors.


Should I pull the nursery rhyme video after it has become a hit?

I would say no. The reason is very simple. That little secret will continue to churn view counts for you while you are building your channel and the drop-out rate is unnoticeable because there are more people subscribing to you then unsubscribing. Also, remember that babies do not go onto You-tube and search for nursery rhymes themselves, their parents do. And if I know anything about marketing, it is that most of the time you are targeting the same target audience as your nursery rhyme, win win isn’t it?


What do I do now then?

I suggest that you organise a crazy weekend with your family, cousins or even other parents. Come together and do 10-15 nursery rhymes and record it down. Put the appropriate tags for your songs and start boosting your channel success immediately!