Finding The Right Video Company For You

Just like food, creativity is a very subjective manner, thus it is important for you to pick out the best fit to make your video. Here are 5 tips on how you can find the best company that suits all your needs.



The thing about video is this; once we have collected all the clips on site, we rarely go back to re-shoot it, especially if it is a 1 time expensive affair, like a wedding or your company 50 years dinner bash. Getting it right means finding the right people for it. Sure, almost anyone with a DSLR can claim to shoot a video, but not knowing how to deal with the lighting situation, pace of the show, expectation of the event/shoot or having the appropriate gear are doom factors for you. Don’t think about cheap right off the gate, think about finding the right people. If you are throwing an event, find through an events company, or do the research and find someone who is specialised in that field. The same thing goes for shooting a commercial or a marketing video, find the one that has works similar to what you want done. Increase the rate of success right away.



This might seem similar to the occasion but I beg you to read on. 2 companies can be specialised in the same trade but that does not mean that you will like the end product the same. Take for instance your favourite western food. Some like it extremely buttery on their steak with a side to make it elegant, but I like huge hunk of meat with loads of side. I don’t like to class it up with western, and that is ok. It is personal preference. Find a company that can tell your story. Remember, it is your story.


Show Runner

The person who heads your project and coordinates all the details matter. Having someone that you can get along with will make your work so much more smooth sailing and provide you the peace of mind. The video production trade is a complex trade, with different parts that all must come together seamlessly. Having a sales person or even a project coordinator or even the Producer lead you from the start of the project to the end ensures that your dream is kept to its true form from start to end.


Work Ethics

Some companies deliver quick work, some takes a longer time, while others deliver a work 70% done, and continue to work up from there. Different companies work differently but the end goal is similar; to produce the best work for your company’s brand as much as they can. Maybe you are the sort of person who only wants to see the final product, then find a dreamer who take cares of everything and deliver you the most elegant, respectable and pristine product you have ever seen. But what if you are someone who needs to go back and forth a lot? Then perhaps you need someone else. The point is to find out what their process is like so that both of you will mutually understand what this relationship is about; however brief it might be, or extended.



Only when you have gotten an idea for the 4 criteria do you even start considering price. Let me put it this way, if your video definitely needs great actors and producers to pull off your ideas, then it isn’t possible getting it for a lower price. By now, you should have 2-3 companies that you are considering back and forth on what will work. That is then the case to use budget to eliminate your choices after you exhausted all the things you need in your video, from concept to work-flow to getting the specialist in that field to make it for you.


Finding the right company can be hard, but a small amount of research (whee, finally watching you-tube can be classified as work!) can definitely make sure that your ride through the video production phase is as effortlessly as Jumbo flying with his ears.

How Buzzfeed is the new way of marketing

If you have been on the internet, you would have seen content created by Buzzfeed. From viral post to videos that suits the different types of demographics, Buzzfeed has really paved the uncertain road in the internet age. Here is 10 reasons why adopting that approach is also great for your business.


Constant Contact

Buzzfeed does this very well by keeping in contact with their fans daily. In the ever connected web of the internet, it is key to remain always in contact with your customers. What I mean is not just about an email address and a contact number, but rather a personal relationship. The ability to respond to a customer queries online, creating quality content in terms of blogs and videos are the key to ensure consistent communications with customers. Customers are more savvy and are looking for something outside the best quote for the best product, they are drawn to the best personal experience they can have with a company. It is no longer about dealing with faceless companies, but friendly faces that are ambassadors for the company. Providing constant feedback is not only good for your customers, but for you as well. With constant feedbacks about products and services, you can make minor adjustments to better gain market shares in your industry.

Building a fan base

Let’s face it. Not everyone will like your brand. Take for instance even in the soft-drinks industry. Some people swore by Coca Cola while others prefer Pepsi. Buzzfeed has a huge fanbase that spans Facebook, their website as well as their various Youtube channel. Having a fan base behind your product serves two purpose; allow you to gather analytics on how to market to your existing customers and also create content that deepen loyalty for the brand they like. People will always buy from people they like compared to a compelling salesperson who is not well-liked (the percentage drops even more if you are a salesperson that is hated). Developing this factor known as likability allows you to focus your marketing budget on people that are already your fans.


Cross Promotion

Buzzfeed has various Youtube Channels and cross promotion is one of the many keys that allow each channel to gain fans from another channel. In order to scale, we have to see to several gaps in the market and that is where social media really unleash its full potential; cross pollination. When you have a couple of brands under your parent company, cross promoting each brand is ideal because they will share similar demographics. Using inexpensive approach like sharing your other brands on your channel allows you maximise the bond between customers and your brand even more. You might even discover a sub-niche between both brands that previously went unnoticed.


Non Geographical marketing

Most marketing is still done solely by region, countries or even by states. However, having a place for different fans of your brand congregate in a localized place allows you to market without the border mentality. This allows you to share new launch at a fraction of the price than it would cost marketing in both places and also offer insights on what you might be missing out in each region. Sometimes, customers might be looking for a design that is only available in another region and sharing such new launch allows you to make the necessary adjustments to bring the product they are vying for into the relevant markets.


With such potential awaiting your brand in the social media space, isn’t it time to hop on board and start making your brand global online as well?


What Donald Trump has taught me about Marketing

As much as we try to compartmentalise Politics, Personal and Work, sometimes there are crossovers to improve our career and help us to be better people if we are attentive. Here are what I learnt so far from the US Presidential candidate Donald Trump in his campaign.


Donald Trump appeal to a niche

Unlike what most marketing books and common sense say, Donald Trump appeals to a very small group rather than appeal to everyone all the time. His target audience for this campaign is White Americans affected by the slow growth of the US economy. Being specific to a certain niche in that audience has allowed him to build mainly 3 things; credibility, popularity and media attention. When you pick a niche, you become an expert in your field very quickly. This makes you the topic for people in your niche as well as other niche who will then talk about you through word of mouth; the holy grail of marketing. When you serve your message to a niche, other groups will definitely be unhappy and you will then get cross-featured by other people, making you disseminate your message faster.


Donald Trump uses the majority

In many of Donald Trump’s speech, he use the a phrase to help him prevent getting scrutinized by the press and the phrase is “many people say”. When he use sentences and starters like this, he becomes instantly credible in the audience’s eyes (or ears if you really want to get specific). It is like saying “Scientific studies have shown that drinking milk everyday is good for you”. The instant you finish that sentence, you form a concerete impression on people for giving credible statements. Imagine repeating it 10 times, or a 100 times, your credibility goes through the roof.


Donald Trump tells stories

Nobody cares about what you say. People care about being entertained. If you can tell a story that links somehow to your brand and company, then you have a topic most people want to hear. Have you seen that when newspaper cover stories of big brands, they will feature the humble beginnings of the entrepreneur? This is because it bridge the gap between the audience and the entrepreneur, making him relatable to the common man. People will understand the struggle of working hard to keep his daughter in school, much more so if he is trying at the same time to rid himself of cancer in his body. The take-away is this; find a quality that you would like to highlight in your brand and think of real-life examples where that quality is being highlighted.


Donald Trump speaks like a 10 year old

In most of his speeches, Donald Trump aims to speak using simple English. The reason? You are more likely to process what he says compared to him rambling off into technicalities and the loopholes of politics and finance. See what I did just there? The more technical your content, speech or ad, the easier it is for someone to follow your message (that is if they are paying attention in the first place at all). It is easier to grab attention with simple words in your messaging compared to big jargons everywhere.


Donald Trump likes to go off script

I don’t know if this is intended in part or orchestrated, but Donald Trump pulls it off without a hitch. His tendency to go off script gives the audience an impression that there is something he finally is letting out of the bag. This technique allows your audience to become more receptive to your speech, making them more attentive and easier to convince. To put it simply; until the moment you decides to end, chances are the audience are at your mercy of the message you are trying to deliver. It is only after it all that people try to poke holes in your campaigns or your message that they form a negative opinion about your brand. The next time you need to deliver a message, a TVC or a campaign, memorise what you have to say but visually tear up something else on stage.


The whole concept of sales, marketing and branding in my opinion can be broken down into 3 simple human interactions; speaking privately to people, speaking publicly on stage, forming the impression of how other people talk about you. It is thus key that you find a message and a quality that you can benefit your company from and leverage it in the entire communication process of your company.

Why is social media video the next big advertising tool

If you have yet to hear, You-Tube, Facebook and Insta-video are going to be the next place advertising platform for your company. Here are 5 reasons why you should jump on board before it is too late!


Audience Size

According to the study, 4 billion people are watching videos everyday on You-Tube while Facebook has 100 million people doing otherwise. That is Billions and Millions, meaning if market it the right way, you could be reaching out to such a huge audience for sizeably smaller budget. Which platform would you prefer advertising on, 4 billion people daily or a mere 3 million circulation for newspaper?



For every video, print advertisements and radio spot, it takes roughly 2-3 months to go from concept to screen. A lot of things would have come and gone. That is the reason why most top brands are unable to tap on current running trend because it is just too fast to get the approval, the work and distribution during that time. Would you prefer to create advertising content that are fast or would you prefer taking 3 months to make just 1 piece?



The biggest thing that everyone of the big brands faced like yourself is risk. How successful would an idea work and what will be the reaction of the audience. This led many marketers to do the same thing all the time due to the fear of the unknown. Every new product launch video is the same, paying hefty prices to celebrities for endorsements and does not add value to the brand itself. Not so in the internet age.  You can put your video up as a private link to test the concept, localise your exposure by demographics and if all things fail, pull the plug faster than a phone call. Would you prefer to put all your marketing dollars into 1 advertising campaign for that year or would you prefer spreading out your risk of exposure to ride on the trend wave of each and every week whenever you choose?



The price to reach out to 1000 people on traditional media are 30, 20, 8, 7 on paper, magazine, radio and tv globally, and that does not include tapping in during peak hour where you have the biggest audience pool or set aside funds to create your video. Talk about throwing money down the drain. Would you prefer to take the risk on a platform that is unfamiliar now or would you prefer to continue paying high advertising fees to agencies and celebrities?



The baseline of all advertising is to stand out from the rest. The problem with traditional media is that you rarely can do so. There are rules like 30s tv spots, 1/2 page print ad, 3-6 months billboard ad, or even the infamous and dreaded a5 brochure hand-out. When the medium is the same, marketers needs to innovate on content. However, little take such risk because conglomerates are expected to be prestigious, so out goes all the ideas that ad agencies come up with to set companies apart. Even though social media statistics has indicated specifically that 3-4 minutes clips are the most watch online, there is no rule forcing your hand. Would you still want to make content that are unoriginal, uninspiring that make your audience bored of the same old type of video?


With such compelling reasons why traditional advertisements are rigid, expensive, have a small audience size, takes up too much time and is too risky, have you decided if it is time to get on board to market on social media or do you need to wait 1 more year in order for the results to become clearer?

7 Tips On Starting Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of those products that has been portrayed as extremely difficult and expensive. However, that is because the TV, Movie and TVC has always strived to create stunning effects but that does not need to be the case for you to succeed. Here are 7 tips on starting video as a marketing tool.

1) Start with questions that people have about your products
The simplest way to make sure you get the audience right is to solve problems, especially if it is about your own product. Let’s say you are a sauce company. What you can do is to teach people how to cook with your sauce. This can then be spun into various cooking shows featuring different artists for even bigger audience outreach.

2) Find out what is enticing about your product
We always will know what attract clients to us and that can be used as a bridging topic for your potential audience. What you can do is to create content that appeals to your specific audience. Take the sauce company again for instance. If you are selling sauces your target audience is people who cook at home and with majority of them being housewives, it is more ideal to speak their language. Maybe they like your sauce because it helps save prep time and is available everywhere. That could be a reminder at the end of each of your video for those who has just gotten to know your brand and also for long-term customers who might have relocated and is unsure if they can find your products again.

3) Start small but create often
If there is one tip you can definitely take away and start doing, it is this. Too many people want to create fancy videos that take months to complete when all they really need to do is to create content consistently. When Casey Neistat started out, it was mainly about documenting his life everyday. It was not fancy and neither is if fancy now. But look at his audience and views daily!

4) Use a tagline all the time
Many people assume you have to adopt an entirely different set of rules when you are dealing with social media but that does not mean whatever you learnt in branding and marketing in traditional platforms cannot be applied here. One of the key cornerstone is a tagline. A tagline summarise your company into an expression your audience can relate and rally behind. Think Nike. They have not changed their tagline even when they transition into the online space.

But what happens if I don’t have a tagline? Well, you can try to develop it in-house but I highly suggest investing in getting a lot of writers to come up with them for you. This allows you to find the best fit for your company at the best price.

5) Be on trend each week
The fastest way to get an audience is to follow the trending bandwagon. Each week you will see topics that the majority of the public will deviate towards and if you catch on those topics, you will become accidental views of the hot topic. Kind of like rubbing shoulders with celebrities.

6) Have decent production value
As much as I mentioned previously that you don’t need to go over the top with visual effects, drone and cranes, people deviates to content which is professionally shot and that can be achieved easily with a tripod. After creating your content with a static camera on a tripod (make sure your focus is spot on), take shots that relate to the topic you talked about. For example, if you are doing a cooking show to highlight your sauce, focus on your sauce bottle (branding duhh!) and also the actions involved in cooking (cutting, frying, turning on the stove etc). Use those shots to connect your story or to emphasise the action or the point your host is talking about. Talking about audio, throw in some royalty free music and a good microphone to record your host.

7) Check your analytics
Nothing matters more than your analytics. When you have a consistent traffic visiting your content, you will be able to tell what your customers like and what they don’t like and adjust accordingly. This will take the guess work out of the video and make your life easier.

I hope that with this 7 tips checklist, you will find it easier to make videos marketing a successful cornerstone of your business. Now, let’s get out there and make some videos!