How Buzzfeed is the new way of marketing

If you have been on the internet, you would have seen content created by Buzzfeed. From viral post to videos that suits the different types of demographics, Buzzfeed has really paved the uncertain road in the internet age. Here is 10 reasons why adopting that approach is also great for your business.


Constant Contact

Buzzfeed does this very well by keeping in contact with their fans daily. In the ever connected web of the internet, it is key to remain always in contact with your customers. What I mean is not just about an email address and a contact number, but rather a personal relationship. The ability to respond to a customer queries online, creating quality content in terms of blogs and videos are the key to ensure consistent communications with customers. Customers are more savvy and are looking for something outside the best quote for the best product, they are drawn to the best personal experience they can have with a company. It is no longer about dealing with faceless companies, but friendly faces that are ambassadors for the company. Providing constant feedback is not only good for your customers, but for you as well. With constant feedbacks about products and services, you can make minor adjustments to better gain market shares in your industry.

Building a fan base

Let’s face it. Not everyone will like your brand. Take for instance even in the soft-drinks industry. Some people swore by Coca Cola while others prefer Pepsi. Buzzfeed has a huge fanbase that spans Facebook, their website as well as their various Youtube channel. Having a fan base behind your product serves two purpose; allow you to gather analytics on how to market to your existing customers and also create content that deepen loyalty for the brand they like. People will always buy from people they like compared to a compelling salesperson who is not well-liked (the percentage drops even more if you are a salesperson that is hated). Developing this factor known as likability allows you to focus your marketing budget on people that are already your fans.


Cross Promotion

Buzzfeed has various Youtube Channels and cross promotion is one of the many keys that allow each channel to gain fans from another channel. In order to scale, we have to see to several gaps in the market and that is where social media really unleash its full potential; cross pollination. When you have a couple of brands under your parent company, cross promoting each brand is ideal because they will share similar demographics. Using inexpensive approach like sharing your other brands on your channel allows you maximise the bond between customers and your brand even more. You might even discover a sub-niche between both brands that previously went unnoticed.


Non Geographical marketing

Most marketing is still done solely by region, countries or even by states. However, having a place for different fans of your brand congregate in a localized place allows you to market without the border mentality. This allows you to share new launch at a fraction of the price than it would cost marketing in both places and also offer insights on what you might be missing out in each region. Sometimes, customers might be looking for a design that is only available in another region and sharing such new launch allows you to make the necessary adjustments to bring the product they are vying for into the relevant markets.


With such potential awaiting your brand in the social media space, isn’t it time to hop on board and start making your brand global online as well?