Why Should I Social Market Online?

Maybe you finally took the step in opening up your firm. You are wondering how do you go about marketing your products or services online in order to reach your consumers for a more affordable price. Or perhaps you are in an MNC, steering the ship towards a more engaging and predictable marketing avenue. Whichever the case, here are some reasons why you should be socially marketing online (if you have not decided you need to yet, that is)



The biggest most obvious answer is predictability. Given the span of how social media has come so far, it is much more easier to reach your target audience than ever before. Reaching out to a teen who loves to knit plush toys is no longer a minority that you find hard to reach anymore. With the right message, the appropriate SEO and SEM plan, you can communicate quite quickly and efficiently to your target audience compared to the usual traditional media like TV or Radio. Yea sure, your target market may belong to the right age demographics of the channel, but how do you know your said audience will tune into this channel? All traditional mass media can tell you are broad terms like age, gender bias and what time is the hottest period. Time to give your brand even more recognition on this issue!



It used to be that companies made videos, audio files, posters only to have it displayed on other people’s media and leverage on the traffic it gets. However, now you can create and own your content, like how a carpenter can finally use the furniture he made with his own hands. It might take a while to get the hang of it, but I am certain that you will start seeing traction and becomes a habitual activity for your customers if you make enough content to live up to their demands.



It used to be that you have to pay an arm and a leg in order to leverage a channel’s influence and you have to subject yourself to their frequency; once or twice every hour during primetime or 15 seconds or 30 seconds piece. Now however, you get to develop the content with your preferred duration and how often your audience wants to be in touch with you. Maybe your audience will think about you once or twice a week, then maybe that is when you might want to try doing it and seeing if that is what you need. Also, how long your video needs to be has changed. Ever since You-Tube changed their algorithm to rank longer video better than shorter one, everyone has a shot of making it big as long as it is concise and tells the message directly without beating around the bush.



I think this is the biggest take-away so far. You should be in front of your audience often so that they will remember and choose you the next time they see something you provide. Going where the audience flow is only natural, and being online is exactly where most of your audience (including the older generation like my parents and grandparents) are even heading.



It used to be that in order for a brand to speak to its customers, you need to throw a huge event or spend a significant budget to talk to them on TV or Radio. Not anymore. Now, you can speak to your audience from as low as free (even though we highly discourage it unless you know what you are doing) to 1/10 of the resources you need for a TVC or a radio spot. Consider that the next time you choose to go traditional media instead.

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