Why Is Marketing Online The Way To Go

Marketing. It is about showcasing your brand in a specific way to your audience to entice them to buy from you. But why online? Here are 10 reasons why marketing online is the way to go!



All marketing efforts will be in vain if not for the traffic. You need a place where there is traffic in order to change the mindset of how your product or services is perceived. Let me give you an example. Would it be silly if you decided to market your product in an empty mall at night when everyone is asleep? I doubt so. The majority of audience has shifted from watching tv, listening to radio and reading papers to watching youtube, listening to spotify and reading articles online. Why would you want to pay a bulk of your marketing budget if the medium which you are trying to convince people on are losing people every single day?


Global Reach

The world is your oyster. For many years, we have divided the markets up and conquered a small piece each and every step. However with the internet, it has accelerated the phrase so quickly. Now, you can be communicating your ideals to someone all the way across the globe while liaising with the operations team somewhere else as well. Globalisation has allowed you to operate from one location but with hands and feet everywhere on the globe. This online cluster of traffic just means 1 thing, more potential customers!



It used to be that you market perhaps 10-12 times in a year, possibly 2-3 times going big and branding yourself for the year. However, now you can take the same budget and do it 52 possible times in a year, or even 365 times in a year if you want to really stretch yourself. Being frequent online increases your odds of someone giving you a shot. It used to be that after a concentrated effort of marketing campaigns, you see a sudden spike that disappears as quickly as it appears. Now though, your high frequency maintains visibility and helps you transition from one campaign to another; not from one competitor to another.


Less competition

When you are in the real estate space, all the big boys are spending money to get the best spot in the market and are equipped with the best tools to get them there. However, the internet has changed the rules and revert everyone back down to the same starting point. No time will it ever be to market better than the MNCs that you are up against than now. If you can hold on to the traction and stickiness of your customers, you might even start leading way before your competitors get the bearings right online.



The usual cost in the past to make a huge impression was spent on creating the right marketing videos and an even larger sum distributing it on major networks. However, now the cost and ingenuity goes into content. If you can wow your customer in a way that is completely different and fresh, distribution becomes totally free when people starts sharing, liking and posting your content everywhere. Soon you will populate the earth like a virus, bringing you into the great hall of viral videos for the year. With cost being a huge factors for companies big and small, knowing that you can go in with a small execution and get big results is a no brainer at this point of time.

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