How to Make My Video Viral

Everyone wants to be the talk of the town and with social media, this means making your videos viral. “Viral means more people will see what my company and my product is about, so my sales will go up”. The Marketing Gods have heard you and this is how you make your videos viral.


1.Find a different use for your product

People are numb to what everyone is doing on videos. In order for you to stand out you have to do it differently and one of the proven ways is to find another use for your product. Examples include Will It Blend, Silly Putty and even Hydraulic Press. All these brands understand the call of Social Media Videos which is “Show Me Something I have never seen before!” This can be a daunting task but I am certain with a little creativity you can find a fit for your brand.


2. Leverage on trends

There will always bound to be topics that people for that week will be talking about, be it the latest gossip, latest fashion, holiday festivities or even something weird they saw someone did online. Whatever it is, it is vital to push out a similar content and that time. The benefits is 3 folds; leverage on the meta-data of this trend, make your brand look on trend all the time and to build your subscriber base from a wide base of audience. Too many times, we market to a structured group of people but in the Internet Age, niche marketing is the key to success and if you can speak to different demographics, groups and society of people, chances are people who love your brand for who it is with band together irregardless of the race, religion, country of language and support your progress online.


3. Create often

Too many times we get brainwashed that in order to make a viral video, everything must be done right. That is not the case proven by the many vloggers on social media. The internet favours the person who is hardworking; churning out content irregardless of how the previous one does. This never say die spirit favours you in 2 ways; 1) your first time viewers will have other content to watch which increases the chance to subscribe to you and 2) you might stumble on something that makes it viral. The concept of what is going to be viral tomorrow cannot be foretold, but seemingly it favours the prepared.


4. Go all out

No one wants a video of someone being in character all the time. Take for instance if you are a chef and you intend to come up with a cooking show, throw in something different. It could be that you wear a cosplay outfit while you cook, cook extremely weird unedible things or even cook upside down. I think I am on to something..


5. Ask for feedbacks

No one knows what your viewers like more than your viewers themselves so ask them to comment, like, share and subscribe to your videos. The more feedback you get (in terms of written feedbacks from fans or even Analytics), you will be able to tweak to maximise the trend. Perhaps more people will watch your videos during the mid-week lull or perhaps yours is the perfect video to watch on Friday nights before they head out.. Only your fans and your Analytics can tell you.


With these 5 tips on how to make viral videos, perhaps it is time to try it out and see what happens. Other tips that also work are things like clickbait, sharing on various social media accounts and collaborating with other successful social video creators. Time to get out that camera and start shooting!


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