How do I make my brand relevant?

Every company that I have spoke to always brings up the aspiration of being household names, being recognised and rewarded with loyal customers. However, in this digital landscape, being famous means you have to be relevant to your audience and that is where most companies struggle with. Here are 5 tips to make your brands relevant to your audience across various platforms.


Ride Pop Culture

Even if your brand is one of luxury and sophistication, it doesn’t hurt the brand to be associated with pop culture, you just need to know which events to leverage on. If your target audience is 30-50s with high spending power, get to know what intrigues them. Is it the results of last night football match or the newest pop star to come out of Hollywood. Knowing which subjects bode well with your customers will make you relevant, not a brand that is left behind in time and is only here to get money out of people. Being human means that you will have to spend a considerable amount of time finding the right occasion to leverage upon. Hey, no one promise success will be an easy right, did they?


10 Year Old Talk

As marketers, we like to hide behind the facade of the works we do and distance ourselves with our industry mambo jumbo. Why must it be ergonomic design when it could simply beĀ fits the curves of your hand? Is it because being simple makes us dumb to our customers? On the contrary, it exposes your brands to a wider target audience. Being tunnel-vision to think that people that can afford your luxury goods are only the educated is a passe. With globalisation accelerating wealth everywhere, you might just risk alienating your audience because you were hell bent on focusing on education and not wealth.



With the world getting smaller, that does not mean that creating 1 message to be used in different countries/territories is the best option forward. Yes, it might cost a little bit more to understand culture and adapting your message to that territory, but would it not attract more people to your brand because it is so succinct in conveying your values in a way they can understand? Localisation is becoming a growing trend because it provides exclusivity to the core consumers in a certain region, making them believe the products they carry embodies luxury and sophistication, something that you are definitely aiming for.



From events to in store packaging, from digital communication to real life interactions, people are always looking for something iconic to remember your company by. If you are able to disseminate only 1 message this year, it is to be extravagantly your company brand. This could mean having a funky outfit for lighthearted events, to dressing it up overly formal for roadshows just to stand out from the crowd. The key is to take a simple expectation and give it a boost upwards for maximum traction and word of mouth.



If all else fails and you don’t know what works, be consistent in stumbling around in the dark. Too many companies embrace the notion that a company cannot mess up and this creates an unhealthy work environment. It prevents you from trying something new and different because it could jeopardise the entire company. However, people are not loyal fans of yours for years and screwing up 1 ad does not make all of your audience go to your competitor. It will push them away no doubt, but if you do consistent slightly better than average works, people will return and in the truckloads. Being consistent is even more important now on social media because everyone is connected. The moment you stop communicating, you can bet your competitor is already outpacing you while you rest. It is this relentless push forward that separates great companies from the pile of good ones.


With these 5 habits implemented, I am certain you will bring your brand from glory to glory. With a distinct messaging implemented in all 5 steps, the company you work for will definitely thank you inmeasurably.

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