How do I make my brand irresistible?

The marketing game has changed drastically since TV came into existence. Gone are the days where communicating with your core consumers once a year or at a product launch is a viable option moving your business forward and to outpace your competitor. Here are 5 things you can do to make your brand irresistible to your consumers today!


Social Media

Social media is now the go to place for news, communications and interactions. The readership for newspapers and magazines has started its downward trend due to the wide range of coverage and opinions from both sides of the story. Not being on social media is no longer a viable option, even if you are just a hawker stall at a coffee shop. “If you don’t exist on social media, you don’t exist at all” is becoming more and more a reality. The key advantage on the other hand of being on social media is 3 folds. Firstly, you get to communicate with your consumers cheaply and as often as you want. Second, you get important customers’ insights to change track or market differently. Lastly, you get to expose your brand to more people than you usually would in your current state of marketing.



Too many times we worry on screwing up the first time around that we don’t even get started. The problem that a shrinking world due to globalisation of the internet age is that if you are not frequently appearing in someone’s view, you will be forgotten very quickly. It does not matter if you impress your customers when they use your products or go to your store. if they fail to see you often, they will not remember you. However, that does not mean you create tons of marketing materials and spam your user. It is about giving them what they want so that they remember you as a good friend that they know who they want to buy from. As hard as this reality is, people buy from people they like and trust. Building a relationship from a company perspective can be anything from posting how-to post to help them in their work, motivational quotes to get them through the day or even highlight some pain points you can alleviate for them in life. If you are there when they are down and out, you can bet that they will be there when they are up on their feet.


Bite size information

Given that the distractions that are going on in a busy life of your consumer, bite size information are even more crucial then ever. The worst mistake you can do right now for your brand is to pack so much information into 1 piece. Sprinkle your messaging around so that different points are highlighted in different post. This way, you get your audience interested on different ends and figure out what exactly works for your clients. For example, you are a lingerie company and your messages involve multi-outlets, breathable material, firm support, great range of colours, affordable and sexy, you can take each message into a post and see what works for your audience. You may find out that at the end of the day your consumers could only be interested in breathable material, great range of colours and being affordable. That way, you can reposition your marketing strategy to corner the market on those 3 aspects.



As much as we all love to write long essays about how good our products and services are, people still love to see visuals. Be it still or moving, it conveys the message quickly and is easier for mobile consumption. Integrating visuals into your post and articles help break up the segments better and makes it less taxing for the brain to process the information (much like a rest stop during a marathon). Not only can visuals be used like a full stop and paragraph, but it can also be used to portray relevance, humour and your company culture as well. Take for instance that you are a health supplement company that is warning people on the bad effects of sugar. Integrating a meme like this  allows you to portray humour, pop culture reference and a casual company culture as well. Punctuate visuals like paragraphs, if it is distract the message, then it is too much.


Social Relevance

In today hair trigger environment, being relevant is a much sought after trade. This means that you have to be even more outreaching than you were previously, punctuating it with relevant subjects consumers on the streets are talking about and leveraging that to create a meaningful relationship with your customers. If it is Valentine’s Day, it is a must to skewer your message for this festivity. Also, take reference from pop culture to connect even more closely with your audience. But whatever you do, don’t be a daddy (try to be in trend when it is obvious the trend died 2 months ago).


With these 5 tips on how to make your brand irresistible on social media, we hope that you will be able to create more effective marketing materials to connect with your audience.

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