Is it better to have an ambassador front my video?

You have seen it on tv ads, on social media sponsored post as well as newspaper ads. Companies love to hire someone to front or be an ambassador for the product but is it really effective? Here are some tips to consider if you are going to explore this avenue.



Is the target market a match?

The first and foremost answer you need to figure out is this. Let us say your target market is 25-35 years old who loves to travel and are females. It would be ineffective if your ambassadors is targeting the same age group but who are foodies who prefer to stay in peaceful Singapore. Not only do you have to match interests to your product, but also the prestige of your brand. If you are a luxury car brand, chances are you will not want to be associated with an irresponsible ambassador that loves fast cars and discriminate woman.



What is their reach?

Besides just seeing how well your distribution efforts are, ask yourself what is their native reach? For instance, influencers can be measured by unique views, number of site visits, amount of engagement per post and number of platforms they are on. Having numbers like this allows you to have the option of not only hosting your video on your own channel, but a personalised piece as well on their social media handles. This allows you to tap on their fans on their platform to convert, rather than redirect it from their accounts to yours.




With so many influencers and ambassadors coming up, a critical question to ask is their credibility. You can hire the best ambassador but if the actions on their part are always late or lack quality, I think even working with them once is simply too much. Look for ambassadors that are prompt or have talent managers who are tough enough to keep them disciplined to the task at hand.


Value add

When it comes to this, it is not so much about how much value the talent brings to the table but the other way around. Instead of thinking how much you can get from them, ask them how much value you can give them. This is because the more value you can provide your ambassadors besides money, the stronger the relationship and the more their fans can see their personal interest for your success. When their fans can see that, they are convinced much more easily instead of breaking down the mental barrier their fans see when a sponsored post is mentioned.



Industry fit

Some industries benefit more than others when it comes to ambassadorship, namely cosmetics, household products and wellness products. This is because ambassadorship on the most superficial level is a skin deep trait, meaning most of the people who see your ads are not going to be huge fans of the ambassador and will judge based on their time on screen. This means for more complex or higher price point industries, your ambassadors are not able to bring out the credibility quickly enough with a few post and will require longer periods of time for you to gain a sizeable reach. This could be a good thing to explore if you have the right ambassadors to stay for the next 10-20 years, but horrible if it is a testing ground for its effectiveness to convert.

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