How to waste money on marketing

It seems social media has thrown a wrench into everyone’s marketing strategy, so much so that silly decisions are being made day by day to substantiate results. Here are some of the pitfalls we hope you take heed so you too can be aware of the possible scams out in the market.


Buy “affordable” tv, radio and newspaper spot

How many of us even do this anymore?


This is the trap of the budget conscious. Companies that used to think that advertising on either of these 3 distribution paths were expensive just found out that it is so much more affordable to do it now. However, the reason for the reduced price is because there is less viewership on traditional media. It is like accumulating banana money after the British has declared it worthless money after World War 2; you will just be stuck with a pain in your heart and no one to comfort you.


Social Media “Marketing”

Do you want to know why social media marketing agencies love using this symbol? Because they are vomiting nonsense all the time


“So if traditional is a dead horse, that means I should put all my money into social media and hire an agency to do it right?” Well, not exactly. The issue is rather simple on this. Creating a social media “marketing” company is easy. Hiring a couple of youngsters trained in marketing that take your brand for a test ride and see what works for you. It is as good as giving your 5 years old daughter the steering wheels; it will only end in disaster.


Do a wide range of marketing efforts

How to end up where you don’t want; find 2 different destination and walk the average of both

You have a certain amount of budget to stick to and you decided that it is best to just do a little of everything. A little Facebook, Snapchat, Youtube, Blog, Twitter and Instagram. Nothing can go wrong right? Well, this leads to only 1 place, insufficient funding for places that has the most promise and a waste of capital to places that do. The key for doing well on social media is to focus on 1 and master it. Is Casey Neistat famous on all platforms or just Youtube? Did Xiaxue wavered from her path until she mastered blogging? Mastering 1 platform is like a tree growing straight up, all the nutrients is for linear growth, not for diversifying.


Traditional Video Marketing

“People will want to see the interview I create” Yea, you and your grandma maybe?


It seems crazy that a video production company is telling you not to make videos but hear me out on this insane claim. Most of the videos you will end up doing is videos you saw before on TV and screens at events and internally at your office. This means that you are taking a video that is created for those mediums and deciding that it will work elsewhere the same. One such example was when MacDonalds decided to take their TV ads and “adapt” it for YouTube. In the first week of its launch, it gross a mere 4000 views, not something the giant franchise was exciting and that led to the next most dangerous mistake of them all…


Buying views

I will also be pissed if my 1 mil ad get this amount of views


Everyone would have noticed that you get interrupted on Facebook and Youtube by ads that has no reason being there. The repulsive nature is so much worst than TVC that all you do is infuriate the viewer. Worst of all, the reason for buying views was not a thought out decision from the start, but a knee jerk reaction to prop up the numbers so you don’t suffer from the dangerous consequence of getting scolded or fired. You pat yourself on the back congratulating a well ran campaign when in fact those numbers lie.


If not all those approaches, then what?


So what should I do then? The simplest path we have always advocated is via Facebook and Website. Create a website, populate it with written articles about your product, service and expertise and share it on Facebook ORGANICALLY. As the traction grows, re-evaluate what did well and reuse the material in another form, like infographics or videos. This refinement of content will result in higher retention rate as well as a closer connection with your audience on social media, something that takes time to form.

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