How to tell a compelling video

In this day and age, it is not only enough to create video content, you have to create one that people care a great deal for. Here are 5 things to do to make sure your video is compelling and gets your audience excited.


Unique storyline


Too many times we cut ourselves at the knee by telling the same old boring story in the same old way; “miracle” product that after being used on a lifestyle basis improves the standard of life, we are the best school/product/service because we have so and so features and the dreaded interview. In order for you to get noticed and have someone watch your video from start to end, you need a compelling story. Sure, you might be selling shampoos but there is no law saying you need to use a lady with waist length straight hair and a lot of head tossing. Why not tell your shampoo story with a unique twist from a children’s book, Rapunzel for instance, on how prince charming cannot save Rapunzel because her hair were too frizzy and prone to breakage.



Reorder your story


Instead of telling a story from start to end, ask why don’t you tell your story from the middle or even better start with the end? Reordering your story creates curiosity because your audience will wonder what created this scenario and that is where you have hook them in. Even a boring story about how a miracle shampoo gives you volume hair can start by showing the solution before showing the problem.


Utilise humour


Too many times, we take our brand too seriously. Humour maybe the best way for us to relate to another human being. When our audience shares our humour, you create a bond that is virtually unbreakable, allowing you to set the stage and allow you to subtly slide in your call to action.



Speak to just 1 person


Instead of trying to convince all the people in your demographics to buy from you, look for that 1 unique person you want to sell to. Instead of showing a video on how healthy hair can be theirs if they use your shampoo, why not tell a story about a cat plotting to understand the secret of her owner’s luscious hair? Yes, this might seem that you reduce your target audience down to people who have cats, but this allows you to build rapport on a deeper level instead of focusing on the superficial level on how good your wares are.



Use different platforms


In order to market effectively in this day and age, you need to be seen multiple times on various platforms. People have more choices than ever now compared to the age of the TV and radio where traditional media were your only way to advertise. Now, you have ambient marketing, traditional mediums and social media to utilise. Find out their lifestyle patterns and this will let you know when to showcase your brand in front of your viewers on multiple platform for maximum retention.

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