How to plan your video?

We did a wonderful wedding over the weekend and it was spectacular. From the food to the décor, even the guests that show up were polite and courteous. That got me thinking, is there a way to structure a creative output like video into something that only breeds success? Well, it seems both wedding and video share a few similarities.


Decide who is your target audience

To many times, we do things without an end goal in mind. Worst of all, we do things to please ourselves when we are clearly not the target audience. For this wedding, they know that their guests love to strut the stuff and embrace an extravagant life, even if it is only for just 1 night. They took a page out of the movie playbook and decide to theme their wedding as The Great Gatsby. The key to remember is ask yourself this question “How would a guest feel if he/she came for this event or view this video?”


Make it easy for them to participate

The Great Gatsby event requires people dressing up in an era that most are not familiar with, with feathery headpiece, fedoras, pearl necklaces and short hemline dresses. How do you get your guest to embrace this theme readily? By making it simple for them to participate. Costumes are readily available and made easy for the guest to transform themselves.  If you make a video that people can relate to or suspend their imagination such that they feel that they can react in the same way given the circumstances, then you have your audience’s attention. The food is something that pushes the theme of The Great Gatsby without being too foreign to the local palette, something even we get carried away doing sometimes. That’s why sometimes we have to take a step back and ask for external feedback so we don’t get suck into glorifying our idea, but see it objectively as a customer.


Aim for the stars but always have a back-up plan

The couple wanted to do a separate march in for both their entrance and this requires coordination with the AV team. However, they also have a back-up plan in case it did not turn around well. In order to captivate your audience in this age, you need to be bold and go above and beyond what people are doing now. This means taking risk and that is not something everyone is comfortable with. However, planning either your exit strategy or your back-up plan before executing will ensure that you can safely shoot for the stars and know there is something else you can do if the situation turns dire.



Document and analyse

An important part of the learning cycle is evaluation, something we leave out in the pursuit of doing more work and staying busy. However, pulling back after a project is done to analyse how it went proves its worth many times over. If there is a tendency to do things wrong, at least you know how to correct it the next time around. Take for instance if every wedding you went to the bride finds difficulty walking in her gown. Well, now you have 2 options, either to make it fuss free to walk in with all the finishing or to warn couples ahead of time if they are insistent on this design. This value add can ensure that you keep optimising your marketing and communication efforts so that you don’t make the same mistakes more than twice.

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