How to get the most bang for your buck in video

Video is not a very cheap medium to make but it has its effectiveness. In order to get the most value out of your video, here are some tips to maximise your results.


Follow the trend

Imagine going to a restaurant and ordering your food, only to have them serve you in a plastic plate or worst, a styrofoam board as your meal. Video is the same, it is about presentation that is suitable for the medium. If you are looking to create videos, ask yourself which platform will it be on, Facebook, Instagram or Youtube. Youtube has 2 major categories, either education or entertainment. For Facebook, it is about summary and entertainment. Do not make the mistake of creating the wrong content for the wrong platform because the only ones who will lose out is you.



Always rent

In this day and age, it is sometimes more affordable to rent rather than purchase and video equipment is also a good example to do so. The reason is quite simple, you keep your cost low and you will be more drawn to do it repeatedly compared to hiring someone to help you when you need to do so. When you rent, you are able to afford more than just a camera and a tripod which can then add more value to your video. This ripple effects also results in better audio for your video and this does wonders for your video. Also, renting creates a culture of repetitiveness, thus also tackling our next point as well.



Turn your idea into a storyboard

Have an amazing idea, great! Have a well planned storyboard, even better. Video is a team sport and thus everyone is here to do their part to achieve a common goal. Thus, it is vital for you to have everything scheduled and a storyboard does just that. When you know what shots you are looking for in each place, it allows you to be even more creative on the set instead of reaching the ground and asking yourself what angles will tell your story, thus making a lot of people wait for you while you rack your brain haphazardly for the best angles.


Create more of the same thing

Too many times, we like to make different types of videos but social media isn’t the best place to do so. Doing a single type of video will deepen your reach to the people who like that sort of content and also improves your skills in doing video like this, making each of your video even better than the previous one. Doing different videos leaves your audience confused on what they are potentially subscribing to and this ambiguity is a good enough reason for them to leave. Be straightforward on social media, either they like you or they leave, no middle ground for it.



Start small, do often

Like changing a bad habit or adopting a new one, it is always about the multiple of small steps you take rather than the ginormous leap you do. In video, it is the same. Instead of trying to do a 3 minutes viral video, start by doing 10-15 seconds of interesting video weekly. This creates 2 things, consistency for more and more new audience, short milestones that allows you to measure if what you are aiming for is correct compared to sinking large sums of money and time and hope that what you create is a winner.

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