How Should I Market Online

Yesterday, we talked about the why. Today let’s focus on something practical, the hows. Here are your systematic approach to marketing online.

Content Marketing

Every business serves to solve a problem, so there is tons of content to write on how you go about solving it, what to look solving it etc. Just like what I am doing, I am helping you understand the different ways to market online and how to do extremely well in video marketing. The idea about content marketing is simple. Someone, somewhere is searching for an answer in your field and you might have the answer he/she seeks. Content marketing is all about getting your brand out there, increasing your visibility and letting people know you exists and know what you are talking about. After content marketing comes the real crunch.



There is no point if your nugget of wisdom don’t get found easily by people. This is the age of the internet, where speed trumps everything. The faster advice is viewed as the most important, rather than the one that is the truth. So time to step it up with SEO and SEM. Only when you have developed a layer of content do you do this stage. The reason is simple. What if you walked into a shop specifically to buy a certain bag and all you see in that shop is just that model of bag? It can be a little awkward to trust someone that has only 1 experience so far in solving your problem, isn’t it.



Browsing through the forums that is specific to your niche is where it gets tricky. It is a 2 way street so there is a need to communicate, not just drop nuggets of knowledge. You need to connect with the person, listen to the issue and only with his/her permission, let them know how you could possibly solve it. Forum marketing is 1 step above content marketing because you need to tailor your message down to an individual and not just talk to everyone on the whole like you do in content marketing.


Video Marketing

Now that they know what you do and what kind of person you are, it is time to bring in your services. The rule in business still stands- People like doing business with people they like. Now you are well-liked, perhaps it is time they understand what you can offer and what separates you from the rest. Having your message concise and based around the emotions you wish to make them feel is the reason why video marketing is so successful in keeping people tuned in to your message.


Now that you understand the different stages of marketing online, it is time to try some of these things out and see how it can slowly but surely increase the traction and referrals you get into your business. Happy Marketing!

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