How often should I create a video?

Everyone knows that creating constant content is a vital part of your social media strategy, so how often should you do it then? Our usual suggestion is monthly and here are the reasons why.



Trending Issues

In any given year, we have a couple of things that we can predict the social vibe will be and that is because of public holidays. Unless your product reaches out to a very small target audience base (where talking of holidays will not be applicable to them) or your audience is in another country (in which you should talk about their holidays), you typically have 6-10 things already scheduled for a year.

January for New Year

February for Chinese New Year

April for Good Friday/ Easter

May for Labour Day

June or July for Hari Raya

August for National Day

October for Deepavali

December for Christmas

So what do you do for the other months? Well, typically we will have around 1-2 social topics that happen on a monthly basis. Use that news and create a comment or a spinoff of that topic, whichever you see getting more social awareness. And suddenly, you have topics to talk about.



Before you say this is ridiculous, let us get the prickly topic out of the way. Typically a company will spend around 5-10% of their revenue on marketing. Depending on the scale and size of your company, it could be a couple of hundreds to a thousands per month. I understand the apprehension to spend all in 1 space, so diversify if you need to. If your video marketing budget is $100 every month, get a graphic artist to create a gif that congratulates fans with your sign-off logo at the end. By doing so, you allow him/her to make this ahead of time and in bulk. As for the those months without a holiday to do so, keep your artist on retainer to come up with spinoff or comments based on the social trends that month.



In the social media age, it is not about nailing a home run but showing up consistently. By consistently creating a video, your current fans and future fans have archives to look at and the more content they see, the more strongly they feel for your brand (or against it if that is what they really come to waste their time to do). Having consistency also speaks to the mindset of your company, that when it sets itself on a task, it does this predictably, even if it is once every month.


Provide Evidence

Up until now you must still be doubting that video really has a better performance rate online. However, when you do implement it on a consistent basis, you will see that the participation rate for videos will outshine most of your written article, your well crafted status or wonderful pictures. By doing so, suddenly you will see the endless possibilities of marketing your brand online.



At the end of the day, business are designed to make money and video is a great way to do so with brand awareness and emotional transfer. People buy emotionally most of the time and the more emotional they see your brand and connect on a deeper level with you, the more they will come back and buy from you. It takes 7 impressions to convert a sale and 12 videos is plenty to increase your sales reach.



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