How do I distribute my video?

Now that you have made your masterpiece that distribute your message in an emotional and condensed way, what is next? Well, you need to know where exactly to distribute it to be seen of course. Here are some great ideas to ensure your video get the maximum amount of exposure it needs.



The simplest solution is to go to the media congregator of videos now; Youtube. Depending on your direction, you could be doing anything from simply hosting on your youtube channel, buying distribution for it via sponsored ads and such or enhance your keywords in order to rank highly in your customer’s search results and become the next video to watch.


Youtube has an amazing leverage on your audience because most people binge watch. So short pieces works here very well. Something that has 1 singlet point, deliver it nicely and in the shortest time possible without leaving out content. Since people who go to youtube to watch video, they are expecting your message. The walls are therefore not up for your audience.


If you are in the business of buying youtube sponsored ad post, make sure that your vital information like subtitle, framing of shots on set and company details are not at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. This destroys the entertainment experience of your viewers when they try to click away from your ad.



A lot of marketers these days are utilising Facebook due to its quick return on ROI and an easier way to gauge the success of a campaign. Putting a video on your Facebook page means that it disseminates your message to those who liked your page and autoplays it on mobile phones, making it easier for your audience to receive your message. Facebook is not without its flaws of a large part of content created get ignored due to the sheer volume of content that is uploaded. The idea to stick out on facebook is consistency and bring and bold statements like your description in your post, the thumbnail as well as the first 2 seconds of your video.



It used to be that Instagram was the little brother of Facebook due to its 15 seconds limit on videos. Instagram has recently changed it to 1 minutes and that means that your audience are watching more stuff on Instagram as well. If you are already producing a content for Facebook or Youtube, use Instagram as another platform to drive traffic and interest to the main video while enticing them enough on Instagram.


Whichever platform you decide to choose at the end of the day, make sure that you are shooting in a format that is good for the end consumer (shoot in HD to ensure clear video that will not be easily compressed), shoot in the right system (PAL Or NTSC) as this could possibly look extremely distracting if it  was shot on the wrong system

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