Have a singular purpose in video

Nowadays, it is easier to create videos for your brand due to the low cost of distribution and the growth of DSLR lines that can shoot amazing HD videos. However, this has led to many brands failing to remember the basics of video marketing which is always focus on 1 feature. Here is 5 reasons why a singular purpose is your best bet when it comes to video.


Talk to 1 person in the crowd

Yes, I am talking to you and only you!


Have you ever been to a conference where it seems that the speaker is talking directly to you in the crowd? It makes you feel special, like someone understands you and cares about you. That is the power of mass media but in order to do that you have to prepare your speech to speak to 1 person in the crowd. Let’s say you are selling a shampoo product that has multiple features and is targeted towards ladies, from smooth silky hair to soothing lavender scent and is sold at all major departmental store. That is 3 different audience there, a lady with frizzy ends, a busy working mother who bathes very late after a stressful day at work and a woman who stays far away from various amenities at her new BTO flat. If you can isolate and speak directly to the lady with the frizzy ends, exploring in depth the insecurities and struggles of a lady with frizzy ends and the inconvenience and low self esteem it causes, then you can be certain your message will be deeply absorbed by that group more. Remember in consumer marketing, depth is key, not width.



Better memory

Become part of your audience permanent memory


Remember when you were back in school and you have to study and memorise multiple things and always couldn’t understand why nothing seems to be registering in your mind? Well, that is what we call mental overload and it is the same in your video. Imagine the same scenario and you explain all 3 features of your shampoo. After your video has been played, how much do you actually remember about the brand and the problem it aims to solve? If you cannot remember a couple of hours after the video has played, what makes you think they will remember the next time they pass by your product in the store?



Better branding

What do your audience remember you for?


All the big brands focus on only 1 benefit of their business, coca cola is about enjoying life, dove is about embracing individual beauty, L’oreal is about being at your best, BMW is about luxury above the rest. If you focus on just 1 target audience, you will see that your brand awareness for your product will go through the roof and it will become more and more easy to connect to your audience every month or every week. Good branding becomes an allocated space in your head, once you move in it is hard to get you out.



Track your growth

If you don’t know how well you are doing, how will you know when you get there?


In marketing, tracking is the key to your growth. How can you be certain your marketing strategy is working unless you are tracking your efforts? If you sell on the front of frizzy hair and realise that you do 10% more sales and 15% more awareness at the end of the marketing plan compared to your general audience targeting, would you be interested to focus on that? Or would you prefer to target ladies who needs a good night’s rest after a long day at the office since it produces 50% more sales and 2x more awareness? Suddenly, numbers make it clear.


Easier to create a story

It is story time! Once upon a time…


Facts tell, stories sell. In order for your audience to connect with your brand, you need the glue called emotions. No other medium allows you to connect directly and automatically with your audience than video. With a video, you can tell a story from start to end and if done correctly, can create an emotional attachment to your brand. Remember how when you break up with your ex that all of a sudden all the places you ever visited becomes a painful reminder of the love that you have lost? Or how about a particular food makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside because your grandma used to cook that particular dish for you when you were growing up, even when you were studying late into the night? Emotions are the reason we love something more than it is and video emulates life so closely that it delivers it on a digital platform seamlessly.

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