Good ad or good distribution?

In the world of marketing, 2 things are vital for the success of your campaign, a good advertisement and a good distribution channel. Here are some tips to help you allocate your finances and time better to get the maximum reach to your target audience.



Does your brand has a distinctive look?

KFC, Old Spice, Carls’ Junior, Coca Cola, Dollar Shave Club, Poopurri and Snickers. They are share the common trait of a distinctive look about their advertisement. If your brand has already spent the time and effort to create a themed look for your advertisement, then all you have to do is to adapt that storyline to enhance your brand awareness. For cases like this, you don’t need a new advertisement look to come along and change the direction, you just have to distribute it well and get someone who can create a similar themed video for a lower cost.


Does your audience requires multiple viewing to get the message?

In this age where videos and marketing materials are generated out daily, the key is then to know how often do you need to re-market the same piece of information to your target audience. The average time you should air a tvc or a radio spot is at least 20 times within your first week to ensure maximum saturation. After that, you simply cut down to see what is the minimum you need to sustain the thought of mind awareness you have built. However, for online media, it could be as many as 50 times within your first week and then once or twice daily just to do the same. It also depends on your audience. Is your audience someone who needs to see the same ad 3-4 times before they understand and take action or is your audience more spontaneous and will dial in or go by your outlet within a few hours after seeing it?



Is it for awareness or marketing of new products?

When you are bringing up the awareness to sell the same thing again, you need to remind people less about it compared to launching a new product. This is mainly due to the fact that you need to get your audience up to speed and then convince them to buy compared to just focusing on the latter. If it is for awareness solely for a product that you have been doing for the past 2-3 years or more, then all you need to focus on is distribution to bring awareness. However, if marketing something new is your goal, the key is to create a video that explains either each feature individually or a video that focus on one aspect so well that your audience get sold even before the video is over.



Company habits

As much as you would like to create the best campaigns possible, sometimes companies have a certain way of doing things. Some companies will launch a new product yearly but they focus on distribution rather than good creative for an ad, while others are selling the same old product year in year out but seek good creative rather than distribution. If however, the habits are hindering the growth of the company, it is your responsibility to speak out with the data presented so that your brand can benefit from the right allocation of resources.

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