The golden rules about video

Everything has a golden rule. Going to buy a pair of shoes, use it to measure against your forearm to get the sizing right, don’t make yourself a priority to someone who makes you an option, treat others the same way you want to be treated or always measure your ROI for your marketing campaigns etc. The Golden Rule also exists for video, just that sometimes we make it so fancy we forgot what it is all about.


Content is king

No matter if you are an indie video maker, a wedding video company or the head of a marketing agency of a conglomerate, always remember that content is king when it comes to video. This key can be easily followed by making sure you do these 3 things right.


One thing at a time

Too often, we have so much to say that we think since a video is an expensive marketing tool that we should stuff it full like a sausage casing at the butcher. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The more you can zoom in and focus on saying just one thing, the rest of the things falls into place. Take for instance you are marketing ramen and you want to say that it is affordable, located everywhere, delicious and you have a promotion this month with this set lunch. A typical marketer (not you of course) would say all of it in a video. But what happens on the audience side of the fence? They hear a lot of noise and zero message get sunk into the mind. It is like the saying goes “If everything is urgent, nothing is urgent”


What if instead of saying all these, you just focus on picking only one? Since you are worried and not sure how well it does, you pick the topic of this month’s promotion. It so happens that this month’s promotion is all things red, since it is near the period for Chinese New Year and stuff. You have red soup stock, delicious fried red crabsticks on the side with a red soda as a meal for this month. You did not say anything about the price of the meal, where it could be found or how delicious it is. Guess what? People who are curious would find your location, see the price, get intrigued, order it, love it and tell people about it when they chance upon your next store again. Now, isn’t that what you wish every customer would do? Well, they could.. If you give them a chance. Again, pick only 1.


Think emotion, not facts

As much of a weakness it is for us, it is also our strength. We love, hate, despise, cry, embrace things and moments we become emotionally invested in. Most of us think that if you can convince the brain, then the customer will do as you say. However, by speaking the language of the heart instead of the language of the brain, you get the decision made there and then. Imagine instead of a video ad of a nicely and fun looking graphics where everything is vying for the attention of the viewer in order to entice them to buy the promotion you put in front of them, how about a video of a mother who rewards her daughter despite being poor. Both of them share a heartfelt moment when her mother brings her to the ramen place when she got top of the class despite being poor. Both the mother and the child hugged and cry while eating the ramen. Only for it to end when it is the child that grew up and bringing her own family to the same ramen place now. Wow, doesn’t that make more impact?


Location, Location, Location

Now that you are a video guru, this is the last skill for you to learn to become invincible. Learn to speak the right language based on the medium you use. If you are intending to make this video and host it on your facebook page, make your messaging fast and easily digestible. You might even need to tweak your story a bit in order to appeal to the short attention span we have online. However, if you are going to make a TVC, make it crystal clear by holding your logo for at least 3 seconds. Any lesser and a distracted teen or adult might miss your message.


If you can master these 3 steps, be it if you are creating videos for a couple, for your regional executives as a summary of what your country has done or if you are making your first big budget ad campaign, you will certainly succeed.

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