How do I get started in video marketing?

This is a classic example of being utterly overwhelmed with information and not knowing where to start. It was daunting to learn a new language like video but where exactly do I start in the entire spectrum of things. Here are some suggestions to kick start your online campaign in the moving images space.


Company Introduction

Most people deviates towards the idea of corporate video the moment they think about company introduction but that does not need to be the case. Sometimes, it is best to explore other avenues besides just highlighting what you do and what sets you apart. At the end of the day, all companies exist to solve a problem, not highlight the special features they have. If you solve the problem of beauty for example, perhaps a lighthearted piece about how your product can turn a person from evil to good just by consuming instead of applying it? Or if you are dealing with petrochemical, how about the quirks and benefits of being on an oilrig far from any land in sight? Pieces like this will destroy the illusion that a company is an inorganic and something that no one can relate to. To be successful on social media, every company must become a living breathing being, capable of expressing an opinion and being on trend.


Product Launch

This is the usual start points for FMCG. When a new product hits the market and you want maximum sales at that point of time, a product launch video will explain, promote and sell the product to the customers quickly. What if instead of selling your products, you started focusing on what quirky ways you can use your product? You sell a new tasting toothpaste? How about the effectiveness on using it to remove grime from wall tiles, shine chrome faucets and a stress buster in times of need? Giving the product more than just the feature of what it is for will provide other reasons for people to buy your products; for the humour that you might bring out in the video.


Company Bash

Most companies that has been going on for a few years would love to celebrate their milestones; 10th year anniversary, 100 years in the business etc. What if instead of making a corporate video or a events coverage of the ins and outs on the day, you create a video enticing your customers to show up at your bash? When you make your brand includes your customers as foundation pillars to your company, you make your brand transparent and create strong bonds in the process. Who knows? You could be the best company bash they have attended and it starts building a momentum into something bigger than it is; something that your customers look forward to year after year! Wouldn’t that be nice?


Now that you know how to get started and how to set yourself apart from the rest, perhaps you can implement some of the ideas into your current to-do list and see how it resonates with your colleagues and bosses. Hey, what is the worst that can happen? That they say it might not work? Who knows? Maybe they were too shy about the same pursuits as you and it is a godsend that you deliver the message that needs to be heard.

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