Finding The Right Video Company For You

Just like food, creativity is a very subjective manner, thus it is important for you to pick out the best fit to make your video. Here are 5 tips on how you can find the best company that suits all your needs.



The thing about video is this; once we have collected all the clips on site, we rarely go back to re-shoot it, especially if it is a 1 time expensive affair, like a wedding or your company 50 years dinner bash. Getting it right means finding the right people for it. Sure, almost anyone with a DSLR can claim to shoot a video, but not knowing how to deal with the lighting situation, pace of the show, expectation of the event/shoot or having the appropriate gear are doom factors for you. Don’t think about cheap right off the gate, think about finding the right people. If you are throwing an event, find through an events company, or do the research and find someone who is specialised in that field. The same thing goes for shooting a commercial or a marketing video, find the one that has works similar to what you want done. Increase the rate of success right away.



This might seem similar to the occasion but I beg you to read on. 2 companies can be specialised in the same trade but that does not mean that you will like the end product the same.┬áTake for instance your favourite western food. Some like it extremely buttery on their steak with a side to make it elegant, but I like huge hunk of meat with loads of side. I don’t like to class it up with western, and that is ok. It is personal preference. Find a company that can tell your story. Remember, it is your story.


Show Runner

The person who heads your project and coordinates all the details matter. Having someone that you can get along with will make your work so much more smooth sailing and provide you the peace of mind. The video production trade is a complex trade, with different parts that all must come together seamlessly. Having a sales person or even a project coordinator or even the Producer lead you from the start of the project to the end ensures that your dream is kept to its true form from start to end.


Work Ethics

Some companies deliver quick work, some takes a longer time, while others deliver a work 70% done, and continue to work up from there. Different companies work differently but the end goal is similar; to produce the best work for your company’s brand as much as they can. Maybe you are the sort of person who only wants to see the final product, then find a dreamer who take cares of everything and deliver you the most elegant, respectable and pristine product you have ever seen. But what if you are someone who needs to go back and forth a lot? Then perhaps you need someone else. The point is to find out what their process is like so that both of you will mutually understand what this relationship is about; however brief it might be, or extended.



Only when you have gotten an idea for the 4 criteria do you even start considering price. Let me put it this way, if your video definitely needs great actors and producers to pull off your ideas, then it isn’t possible getting it for a lower price. By now, you should have 2-3 companies that you are considering back and forth on what will work. That is then the case to use budget to eliminate your choices after you exhausted all the things you need in your video, from concept to work-flow to getting the specialist in that field to make it for you.


Finding the right company can be hard, but a small amount of research (whee, finally watching you-tube can be classified as work!) can definitely make sure that your ride through the video production phase is as effortlessly as Jumbo flying with his ears.

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