Facebook Video marketing cheat sheet

With more and more interaction and engagement happening online, it is the right time to invest in video marketing right now. But there are so many variable to deal with, how will you know you are on the right track? Here are 10 tips to implement to ensure you get the maximum value out of it.


Hook them in 3 seconds

When you are this good looking, you can hook anyone


This is a carry forward from TVC itself and that is to get them emotionally invested in 3 seconds. Make the video about them and give them a good reason to stay connected. Ways to do so includes telling a compelling story, make them curious by starting in the middle, be unexpectedly original or give them what they want at the start.



Square is the way to go


A video must always conform to the platform. When we were watching CRT, video was distributed in 4:3 ratio. Then when more and more people started going to the theatres and expect the same at home, 16:9 or widescreen was born. Now that most of the viewing is done on the phone, it is time for us to go into 1:1 video. This gives you 2 options- either shoot and then add text on top and bottom with coloured bars, or cut off the sides of your video. Your editor will know what to do if you tell them.



Fast download


Remember, people are being interrupted in their schedule to watch it, thus you need to make sure your video loads extremely fast and the way to do so is to limit the bit rate. It could be between 1mbps to just a few 100kpbs. If your video load too slow and the video stops playing, too bad, your loss.



Good audio please

This is how bad your audio sounds


Many people are willing to buy the newest hd or 4k camera but no one invest in getting good audio. Bad audio is like eating beside a trash bin, no matter how good looking the food is, the smell will drive them away. Get a wireless microphone transmitter and either clip it to your top or hide it by pasting it on your skin covered by your clothing. Either way, hear and adjust for taste.



Leverage on social trends

Aim for this, always


“When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. This line is so applicable in this scenario. People are looking for 4 types of videos online- education, entertainment, anticipation and shock. That is the reason why channels like Vice (alternative education), Night Owl Cinematics (local entertainment), ┬áThe Smart Local (new place to eat or play) and Singapore Reckless Drivers (shock at accidents on the road) are well received. Look to format your story into 1 of these 4 and you will be safe.



Make it short


Remember, they chanced upon your video. They did not show up to see the new content you are making. Video is like a skirt, long enough to cover the subject but short enough to stay interesting. 1 min or less is what you need to aim for.



Do it periodically


This is by far the hardest thing to do but if you only can remember and apply one, it is this one. People expects content on a daily basis, be it weekly, daily or monthly. Don’t handicap yourself by putting 1 great content out only to take forever to come up with another 1.



Only buy when you have traction


Most marketers will teach you that you need to spam the buy button as often as possible. That is not the case. You should reserve that for times when your content is converting better than expected. Let us say you usually have 10 engagement for your content but this gets 20 or even 30. Use that increase in participation as a percentage value for you to get more people seeing it. It is like digging in the ground; if you hit a treasure chest, keep digging. If not, change location or in this case, create another content.





We all have the temptation to create evergreen content; content that can be published anytime but we chose to do it now. For content to go from good to trending and even hot, you need to tap onto daily or weekly social trends. If everyone is talking about rainbow unicorn drink, maybe it is time you chip in with your 2 cents. But always remember to draw your sample from your local audience, not your international audience.





Social media is like growing a tree. It takes time to see a seedling (minimal results) so keep on the good faith and maintain the numbers. When it do take off (grows into a tree), then you have something to rely on in rain or shine (figuratively that is).



Follow what your insights say


As many of you might know now, I always tend to drop just 1 more tip for those of you who stay until the end. This tip is to monitor your insights and shift accordingly. Previously posting an article in the morning resulted in more viewership, but now it seems more people are in a rush and only want to learn at night. In this case, be like water and take any form that the market tells you to.

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