Do I need to buy facebook ads first?

Now that you have dip your toes into the social media marketing space, the question now becomes if you should spend money on distribution. Here, we will be listing out each individual distribution package for Facebook and how each is suitable for different parts of your marketing efforts.


Boost Page

You have set up a separate Facebook Page for your brand and you have gotten all your friends and families to like your page and stay updated on your brand. What is the next step then? The next step would be to broaden your reach to your second degree or third degree of friends. Facebook allows you to do so systematically with options to select age range, gender and interest to target your post. Do this only if you have already have daily content going out so that your audience do not click onto a seemingly empty page and expect them to like or keep up with your happenings.


In order to increase the chances of liking your page or buying from you, you can install 3rd party applications on Facebook that turns your Facebook page into a squeeze page for you to get data out from your consumers in exchange for a voucher, a book or a trial of some sorts.

Boost Post

This is where the most amount of money is wasted. Too many people boost post to get more people to see what they write when it should be posting your page and then getting those who like your page to engage with you. Only when a post has above average engagement should you even decide to boost post. Think of boost post as a multiplier technique. Only when something is doing well should you click that button. How do you know what should be chosen as the post to boost? Check out your insights and find out which post does 30% or more better than the rest. For those that falls between 15-30%, it is most probably due to optimised image, comments, time and day of posting as well as good titles. Use those lessons to explore what kinds of content you should create more of for your audience.


Your sponsored post should do 2 things, either generate a controlled action on your website or lead them to like your facebook page. Either way, you need an active action from your customer or you will be wasting your money.


The biggest mistakes most marketers do is that they will buy ads in order to raise the awareness of a campaign or an event or if the post has less than expected engagement compared to other traditional media. They will then attempt to buy ads to boost the numbers, resulting in an ineffective marketing campaign. Remember, the bulk of your engagements should come from your fans who like your page, not from people who you buy their views from.



Boost Video

This is somewhat similar to SEM. You create a great marketing videos and boost it to get more and more customers to see and call you, email you or order from you. Never should you boost a video just to get engagement because that is a waste of money and time. Videos has higher engagement rate on Facebook and if you are boosting and ineffective video that you already pay money to make, then it is seemingly pointless and digging a deeper hole in your pocket.

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