Current trends of marketing in 2017

In order for marketing to be effective, marketing needs to be improved with the times. This could mean learning new platforms, new way of communication or changing up the frequency of the communication. Here are some trends in marketing that has gradually increased over the years.




In this fast paced society, we all need someone or something to understand our needs quickly and provide us either relief from the anxiety or a solution to our problem. Thus, we need marketing message that is precise to our specific needs and catered to our lifestyle. This leads on to point number 2.


Multi Platform


In order to market effectively to your target audience, you need repeat messaging on various platforms. Let say for instance you are selling sneakers to male young adults between the ages of 21-25. This means that given their viewing habits, you need to be on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube and Twitter with the same message but crafted to fit the specific medium. This could mean different variation of the same graphics or video, or it could be an entire rework but driving home the same points. This means that instead of focusing on one platform to communicate, learn to conceptualise the core message in house and get specialist in each platform to customise it to fit the medium perfectly.




Everyone can and will access social media on an impulsive basis daily and this means that you need to have constant content of similar messaging to grow your customers and your authority in that space. No longer is it just enough to put out one content every 6 months and expect to maintain top of mind awareness. Now, it is about constantly documenting and using it as a hooks to draw your viewers in.




To master the marketing game in 2017, you need to understand trends that matter to your viewers. You need to be on the lookout for different news, content and development that may affect your consumers. It could be something territorial like a wayward kid misbehaving on TV, to something specific like a certain korean artist has now broken up with her boyfriend who is favoured by your consumers. Analyse the news that happens and trend up on your newsfeed to stay on top what matters to your consumers and leverage on it, be it good or bad.



Social media is all about speed and this means that your marketing efforts need to leverage on that as well. Let’s say that someone mentioned you off handedly in a good way overseas and that content goes viral, you need to be able to act on it to share the spotlight quickly to maximise the golden opportunity you have. If you hesitate or take too long to have an implementation process, this could result in not leveraging on the trend or even worst, be seen as a company that is rigid and behind in age. Make sure you have the authority or speak to the direct authority to implement something quickly so that spotlight moments like this does not help your brand at all.

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