How to create videos that makes no impact?

In order to know if we are headed in the right direction, it is wise to understand what is the wrong way of doing things. Here are some tried and proven way to waste money in making a video.



Talk about yourself

This, by far is the biggest mistake every marketer makes. When it comes to creating videos, your goal is to create an emotion and awareness, not education and credibility. When you create a video that emotionally resonates with people, more people will see it and become aware of your brand and what you stand for. What you don’t want is to create a video that outlines every single feature of your products or tell people about your accomplishments to build credibility. Credibility and education needs to be done in person, be it by a sales person at your store, on a website or a pamphlet. Stating features after features will only get people to stop watching your videos, making the creation and distribution of the videos be nothing more than a waste of time and money.



Target everyone

In order for a video to be effective, you need to tug the heartstring of a singular audience. If you create a video that is broad and not targeted, what you will get is minimal emotional investment, resulting in little or even negative growth mainly because it portrays the image that you don’t know what you are doing. If you target audience is penny pinching housewives, remind them about the time they miss out with their families if they spent it on counting dollars instead of telling the entire family that you have the best detergent that cleans the whole house.



Describe a product, not a story

In the past, storytellers are lauded to control and spread message of the royal family and it is not much different in today’s digital age. If you don’t have an interesting story that evokes their emotions, they will simply tune out. The longer you mistake a storyteller as a messenger, the more money you will waste and you will wonder why nothing seems to work for you. If you have a product, great! Turn that product into an interesting story. If what you offer is a service, highlight to them how a certain case story of a customer saves time, money or even better made money or an impact with your services. Stories are the key to your audience heart, use it well and they will lay down their lives for you (and by that I meant money)



Pay to get to the top

Distribution is important to get a critical mass to spread your video like wildfire but if you are paying just to make sure everyone sees it, then you will be in for a surprise. It is better to allocate that money and time to a solid creative that is distributed poorly compared to a lousy creative being marketed well. All you will get is discontented and aware customers, something that will result in price war rather than fans who love your brand passionately.

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