Corporate Videos Are A Waste Of Your Money

In the late 90s and early 2000s, people were obsessed with creating corporate video as this was the epitome of 2 things, that you have made it and that you want to highlight to everyone what you do and who you are. However, Corporate videos are no longer viable for now and the future. Here are 5 reasons not to waste your money.


Variety Of Sources


In the past, getting everyone up to date wasn’t easy. Thus, corporate video serves as a propaganda to get everyone of your company in line at official event, paint a wonderful picture to the public on your company’s achievement as well as show to stakeholders how profitable, humane and wonderful your company is. Nowadays, people get their media from different official sources, from news outlets, internal staff higher up on the ladder, your competitors and even plain old research. As such, pumping videos like this out will not only be a wasted effort in the wind, but also something that is highly inefficient and a pointless exercise. The only reason to make a corporate video is to please your superiors and if that is the case, by all means proceed.



Need For Constant Communication


As more of the 90s kids turns into adults and take up more senior roles, the need for constant communications get even more important. Nowadays, information from yesterday is trash because the world is evolving so quickly. Imagine spending the time and effort to craft out the most emotive and relevant corporate video only to have it invalidated within a week or two. Instead, take the time to do either one of these three things; do something to show your appreciation for everyone you know at the office, use that fund to create either a better party to thank everyone for their efforts or use that budget to create constant communication materials for social media and distribute to staff. As such, your communication will be more relevant, on point and personal to each staff.



Competitive Advantage


When creating a corporate video, you need to dig deep to find out what sets you apart from your competitors (and I sure hope it is not about price). A good production company understands the need to create an environment around a competitive advantage instead of the passe descriptions like “we care about our staff”, “we treat customers as priority” or “we are the best in the industry”. Such vague and unquantifiable factors is already a waste of money if you ever do it. Moreover, if you do allow your competitive advantage to be mentioned, you lose the edge over the market and can easily be replicated throughout the organisation if the C suits see a need for.





Time is the equaliser in all industries and wasting precious time with trivial pursuits will only make you lag behind your competition. In order to be 1 step or even a full stage ahead of your competition, you need to consolidate the time you have and use it efficiently. Gone are the days of working hard and mindless to get to where you want. It is now the age of efficiency and whoever does not grasp this game will simply be licking their wounds later on.

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