What can video do that other mediums can’t?

For those of you who have been following this blog, you would have noticed the bias towards video. Today, let us tackle what videos can do for your brand compared to other materials.



The best thing about using video thus far is the ability to let your personality shine. Taste, emotions and how you speak is uniquely in a video. Even when you are going down the path of creating videos that is corporate and dry, it shows your taste of being prim and proper, level-headed emotion and corporate speaking voice. The whole idea of video is simple, appeal to your audience and what they like and without hesitation they will do everything to listen to you.


Potential Upside

Coming in way ahead of article post, the potential upside of going viral on the social media space infinitely outweighs the cost of the video as long as the concept resonates well and is distinctly different from the rest. The idea on why video has such a huge upside is because video deals with something that is very human; emotions. No matter what videos you watch, it will always bring about an emotional response and an action that follows. Sometimes, it is happiness or sadness that compels you to act on the emotions, other times it could be boredom and changing the video. Whatever the case, if your message is succinct and based around an emotion that resonates with your brand and your audience, you could be looking at a crowd winner.



Ask anyone if they bought something after they like a video and you will see hands going up everywhere. Consumer loyalty is one of the hardest milestones to foster for a company but videos has been proven to show otherwise. With such an attentive audience now on social media, videos in my opinion will continue to grow irregardless, bringing brands and people closer than ever before. The age of buying what you like is upon us, gone are the days of buying out of necessity.



When most people think of videos, you typically think of hollywood like videos that cost millions to create and months to produce. However, with the influx of affordable equipment and the growing area of self generated content, price and threshold for videos has come down substantially. However, getting the right people to help you make the video and getting the right story out there is still the most important element in the production chain. Don’t ever assume that just by getting the best equipment you can produce great works. Great works comes from toiling from great minds, not from combination of great machines.


With such a strong position that video holds in terms of marketing, it is crucial for brands to embrace and test for themselves to see what works for them and start communicating even more effectively and frequently with their audience.

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