Build my channel or put on others channel?

This is a question that is asked often. If I am a company, should I host my video on my own channel or leverage on the popularity of other people’s channel and use them to help me get the views I want. This article hopes to be able to break it down for you the pros on each and which side of the fence you should vear.



The biggest concern when it comes to video is always if it is on the right channel to get the message out. In Singapore for instance, a lot of companies have started leveraging on facebook to reach out to their consumers so that is a possibility to host it on their facebook account. However, You-tube is deemed to be more expensive and a lot harder to get the targeted views you need. The question then turns into “Where will I maximise the targeted views I need” rather than a huge amount of non targeted views. If hosting it on someone’s channel do rack in the numbers, do take note that this is a result of their fans and viewers hopefully spilling into your business streams. Consider the approach to use someone’s account to host your video that the traffic is a lot┬ámuch more difficult to convince due to the constant bombardment from sponsors of videos.



Most You-tube channel owners have a very specific style in targeting a niche that are open to the way their videos are accepted. In this instance, the consideration is if your brand is open to tweaking your video approach so that it can be hosted on their channel. You can host any style of videos on your channel as it contributes to your brand but not so much if you are hosting on someone’s else channel. The messaging must be tweaked to suit their audience.



The next most important thing is content. What kind of content will you be putting out? For example, if you are putting out motivational video for people so that you can market your gym, it probably cannot be hosted on a You-tube channel that is about investment even though both of you are reaching out to the same target audience. The idea then is how do you modify your content such that it is something that the channel target audience are open to listening and tweaking your messaging accordingly.



A lot of You-Tube channels that has worked with corporate client has a clause in their contract stating that they own the material created and they have the right to either unlist, restrict or remove the video. If you are working with a You-Tube channel for partnership for a long term, it is best to hash out this clause before moving forward to prevent unforeseen circumstances. Naturally, the video hosted on your site belongs entirely to you. However, it is worthwhile to note that if you are hiring celebrity as part of endorsement or appearance fees, there is a term known as loading period. This means that if you are a cosmetic brand and you hired B as your celebrity to appear on your video, B is not allowed to work with other cosmetic brands to prevent a conflict of interest. Loading Period can be anywhere from a week to as long as a year, but most is around 2-3 months due to the fact you only need it during market campaign period.


With these considerations in mind, I hope that it will give you a clearer idea before heading out to find a production company to work with so that you are both on the same side of the coin before proceeding. Happy Video Making!


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