How does my brand stand out among the rest?

In a world where everyone is fighting for attention space, it is vital as a brand to have all 3 of these traits. These traits will not only allow you to create great videos, but also other content to ensure your brand message stands out among everyone else. Here are 3 tips to make your brand stand out and not blend in with everyone else.


Constant Communication

People like to Kapao (busybody, snoop into people’s business) because it gives them an insight on the success you have so far. Be it small or big, the internet has even the playing fields for all brand. Being constantly visible allows customers to understand your objective and correct your actions if they deem it unsuitable. With this kind of communication, you can be sure that you will always be doing the right thing in your customer’s eyes. Constant communication can give you quality feedback that can reposition your brand in times of crisis, allow you to beta test a product and also try the bold and dangerous without getting burnt. The reason you will stand out from the rest is because most companies spend more money on management and internal operations when they should be looking outside of their company on ways to improve their customer’s life. An outward looking company is like a fisherman that uses a net; always yielding a big catch. An introspective company on the other hand, tinkers until he has mastered the best fishing rod on the market; yielding high quality but low quantity.



With everyone speaking, you need to either shout or whisper. Talking with a corporate voice all the time will get you nowhere because everyone is doing the same thing too. Imagine you are at a business district waiting for your friend dressed in the same white shirt and black pants combination everyone’s in. A little bit difficult, don’t you think? However, it can be rectified by perhaps carrying a red umbrella; now your friend has an object to look out for. Another way is to go the other spectrum. In a black tie event, come in your t shirt and jeans. Translate this to video and it could be being casual when everyone is being corporate; or being dressed up when the messaging is casual. It could also be about content; talk about others when most people talk about themselves, talk about yourself when people talk about others.


Socially seen

Social media is like being up and about in the faces of common people; a lot more visibility. Adopting a social media approach in your marketing campaign is a great way to ensure that your brands is understood by the layman. Being casual and relatable is the selling language of our current generation. This means talking like people, not corporate statements written and published to everyone to recite. Being relatable makes you familiar and people love to buy from people they are familiar with.


With these 3 tips, I am certain your brand will stand out from the rest of your competitor, allowing you to gain market shares effortlessly.

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