What is the best way to tell my brand story?

The driving force behind branding cannot be denied. It is this unique power that makes people approach you instead of your competitors, trust you for many generations and allow you to have a consistent cashflow month after month, years after years and allow you to take a look at other regions or increase your offerings. However, what is the best way to scale your business when you cross the tipping point where your early adopters are on your side and you set your sights to conquer the majority? Here are some marketing ways to do so.



The easiest way to meet your die hard fans

The simplest way would be to organise an event. This allows you to showcase your wares as well as connect with your customers in a direct interaction. The only issue with this is crowd size. Not all of your customers will show up to see your new offerings and this means only a minority will understand your newer offerings or your angle for this year. So what would work then?


Print Advertisements

Most creative platform, if you can get it right

From bus ads to posters and pamphlets and newspaper ads, this encompasses it all. Print ad is usually seen by a lot of people so you solve the problem about not reaching enough people right? Well, not exactly. You see, just because you reach everyone does not mean that you will connect with them on an intimate level like your event. So even though you have all the eyeballs you want, the brain and heart are not focused on your brand. In that case, this is no good either…



Most emotionally provoking, but are your customers even listening?

Well, since we need to invoke emotions and reach out to a mass majority, maybe radio is the key to it all. It allows us to script what we want to say emotionally and reach a wide fan base right? Technically that is not wrong, but your audience are not paying attention while on their way to and from work, let alone during their lunch hour rush. So even though many people hear you, they are not paying attention. This can’t be good for you…


Social Media

The right platform for now, but what is the best way to do it?

Well, social media then. Everyone is staring at their phones every single minute, maybe this is the right platform. True, but you need the right type of content as well. Nowadays, people are in such a rush that an article or a nice picture simply does not appeal to them anymore. You need something to captivate and hone them in the quickest amount of time. Will video work? It will, if you implement the right steps.

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