Best practices for video marketing

Now that you understand the effectiveness of video marketing, it is key to understand how to make the most out of it. Here are some tips to maximise your efforts and produce even better results than you or your boss would have expected.


Let them hear what you are saying

A video is not just a sequence of changing visuals, it also needs good audio or subtitles to make it work. Good audio builds the mood if you have your audience full attention (like on Youtube) while subtitles work to deliver your point when they expect a more quiet conversation. Make sure to have good music that sets the mood for the video and a subtitle file that you can upload onto various platform that is timed to the video.



Optimised file resolution

In the days of the CRT television, we have to watch videos created in a 4:3 aspect ratio. Then came the days of the widescreen lcd and widescreen 16:9 video was born. Now we are in the day of HD and everything needs to look sharp and in focus. However, now videos are no longer viewed only on tv but rather on mobile and laptop. Thus, it is crucial to optimise the file resolution based on those platforms. Videos needs to be optimised to 1:1 for mobile to maximise the vertical space on the phone.



Beside just size, it is also important to scale the duration respectively- less than 30 seconds on Facebook and 3 minutes on Youtube. The reason for such a short duration for Facebook is because Facebook is meant as a daily update of the things we care about or the people in our lives. It needs to be short and in summary. Only if the user has the time, then they will click through to read it in detail. Optimising your format to be a summary allows you measure those people who wants to find out more by clicking the link and speak more targeted to the people who needs your attention and is further on the sales process. As for Youtube, think about it as a weekly update of what you have been doing, something like a weekly tv series or a weekly video diary of your adventures.



Create your own style

For video creators, it is important to make sure that your style is unique. This means that if you love to talk about dominos and show the big scaled dominos you built, let your enthusiasm and passion shine through rather than be bogged down by how to showcase it on screen. Likewise, if you are a video creator that is passionate about your craft, let your passion dictates what you capture. It could be in the form of vlogs, training tutorials, montage shots of what happens or a linear story with acting. The choice is yours, but remember to be uniquely you, not unique for the sake of being unique.




No matter how big or small your video project maybe, remember that consistency is the key to success. Only by doing and pushing out content often do you gain traction with visitors, have an archive of what you have been doing for repeat visitor and strengthen the connection with your audience by having them anticipate your next piece. Be consistent and have fun talking about topics you like and you might be surprised what topics your audience love to hear from you.



Ask for comments and feedbacks

Unlike the usual traditional mediums, the digital media era is about putting audience first and finding out what they want to hear. If they want to be entertained, be a jester. Don’t aim to be a sage if that is not what they are looking for as you will be pouring unnecessary time and effort down the drain.


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