The benefits of hosting on Youtube


Youtube is a big ocean of videos and if you are up to the task of making constant content, then you are in the right space. Here are some benefits of hosting on Youtube that will give you the edge.



If you intend to upload a video every week, then Youtube is definitely your best bet. Many YouTube channel have seen an incremental effect if their content is regular; meaning your views and subscription climbs exponentially the more times you upload. Make it a habit to let your audience know what is your frequency so that they will keep coming back for more.

Ad Feature

Maybe you did not craft your message to have people stumble on your channel to see it. Maybe you are looking to push your message out using ad space. Utilising Youtube Sponsored ads is a smart move especially if you phrase your message a certain way already. (highlight your company in the first 5 seconds). This feature allows your audience to immediately recognise your brand and decide then if they want to tune away or not. Compared to not branding your message at the start, more people will drop off because they don’t know if the sponsored ad is speaking to them, thus clicking away at the earliest moment.



What happens when the ad you make goes viral and start making money for you? Though this is rare at the moment, if you can create a great ad that resembles organic content with only slight references to your company to sway the bias, it might prompt even more audience to see your content and provide you a steady cashflow to off-set the expenses used to make the video.


Right Medium

Compared to Facebook, Youtube is a massive congregator of video watching audience. As much as it is possible for Facebook to host video, people mainly congregate there for post and comments. Having a video is nice, but it does not trend as well as Youtube. Facebook is better made for incidental videos; things other people film of your events or of you and upload with no pressure from your company. This will then spread much easier compared to a corporate driven video. That is the inverse for Youtube though. Storytelling is very important compared to just documenting what happened in video.


Now that you know what are the features of Youtube, maybe you would like to consider hosting your video there. However, let us also cover the features of Facebook so that you can make a better decision.

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